What Happened To Marlo Thomas Face 2023? Plastic Surgery and Facelift

By Unnati Bhattarai | April 10, 2023 11:10 AM

Marlo Thomas with an old friend Sherri Shepherd in FOX
Marlo Thomas with an old friend Sherri Shepherd in FOX( Source : facebook )

Marlo Thomas face looks unusual as an 82 years old actress. Fans believe she had a bad facelift surgery and nose job.

Even at this age, the actress looks stunning in her own way. Marlo was 29 years old when she starred in That Girl.

Seemingly, the surgery has worked in some way. Thomas was offered a role in the Hallmark movie A Magical Christmas Village in a prominent role. 

Recently, Marlo was in the news for making a derogatory comment on Fox5's Good Day New York host Sherri Shephard weight. However, she later apologized to her fans and the presenter for the mistake she made unknowingly. Her apology came a few days after she appeared on Sherri when she mentioned that she "used to be a huge woman" commenting on her weight loss.

Thomas altered her expression and spread her arms out to demonstrate Shepherd's former size. Throughout her appearance, Thomas emphasized her "passion" for Shepherd and clarified what she meant by her remark.

Other actors like Aimee Teegarden and Roxy Shahidi also seemingly have undergone cosmetic surgeries.

Quick Facts About Marlo Thomas

Full NameMargaret Julia "Marlo" Thomas
Born21 November 1937
SisterTerre Thomas
BrotherTony Thomas
HusbandPhil Donahue
Ex-boyfriendHerb Gardner
ChildrenFive (step-children)

What Happened To Marlo Thomas Face?

Marlo Thomas face surely went through many surgeries and facelift procedures.

The actress is 82-year-old but looks different and younger than her actual age.

Marlo was born in Beverly Hills, California in 1937 before WWII. However, she appears to be between 50 and 60 years old right now.

According to a blog post published in 2014 on the official website of kalos-plasticsurgery.com, Marlo Thomas has gone too far in her attempts to defy aging.

Many plastic surgeons have commented on the possible surgeries Marlo might have gone through to look like one at present.

Thomas has a strange appearance that might feel odd to someone meeting a person of her age. Fans have not left her alone, mentioning Marlo Thomas's nose job, brow lift, and facelift as some of the plastic surgery procedures she might have undergone.

Marlo with Rosanna Scotto in Fox 5
Marlo with Rosanna Scotto in Fox 5( Source : facebook )

Furthermore, Kalos said her plastic surgery decisions have made her look very fake and quite different from the attractive Marlo, as many people remembered. 

Thoma's face appears stretched, strange, and pulled back in the most recent photos from 2022 photos and interviews. Her nose practically resembles Michael Jackson's making her face bigger.

Did Marlo Thomas Have A Nose Job?

Marlo has possibly had a nose job along with facelift and other plastic surgery procedure according to Kalos.

Kalos is a plastic surgery website owned by famous surgeon Dr. Benjamin Stong. However, despite the obvious changes visible to fans, the actress has not yet confirmed what procedures she had undergone for her face.

Marlo Thomas Bad Plastic Surgery and Facelift Response By Fans

As mentioned above, Marlo Thomas's plastic surgery and a facelift changes has mixed reactions. 

Some of Marlo's fans have praised her new younger looking appearance while some have not. 

However, she went on to quote, "beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

Meanwhile, her Facebook post on 7-year-old getting surgery to escape bullying was criticized. She tagged an article and wrote, "a 7-year-old getting plastic surgery to address bullying? You are aware of my deep worry regarding bullying, but this is where we are now? 

Furthermore, she captioned, "the only way to stop the bullying, according to the girl's parents, was plastic surgery. The young girl had been tormented about her ears. What do you think about this?"

Marlo Thomas with Hallmark A Magic Christmas Village cast Alison Sweeney and team
Marlo Thomas with Hallmark A Magic Christmas Village cast Alison Sweeney and team( Source : facebook )

The post is from April 2011 and one of her followers replied, "Wrong....this just shows their kids to do something to change themselves which nobody should do. Too many other things the parents should do. My daughter was bullied, and I had to go up to the school a few times and call the police a few times. Then it would have been time to call the news media and have the school broadcasted all over for not helping me."

Marlo Thomas Family Details

Marlo is married to Phil Donahue for almost 43 years. The couple tied the wedding knot in 1980.

Even after over four decades of togetherness, the couple are still happily married. They currently live in a penthouse duplex home with their dog Charlie in New York, as per NY Times.

How Many Children Does Marlo Thomas Have?

Marlo Thomas has five stepchildren. However, she doesn't have biological children with her husband, Phil Donahue.

After marrying Phil on 21 May 1980, she loved his five children as her own. According to the statement by the 'That Girl' actress, she was more into making the children her friends than being a mother because they already had one. Although Marlo does not have kids of her own, she was a great help in raising five beautiful kids of American Media personality Phil Donahue

Marlo Thomas with her brother Tony, niece Dionne and nephew Jason at the opening of new ALSAC Bldg
Marlo Thomas with her brother Tony, niece Dionne and nephew Jason at the opening of new ALSAC Bldg( Source : twitter )

Phil has four sons, Michael, Daniel, Kevin, and James, and a daughter, Mary Rose. Out of all the children daughter remained in Illinois with her biological mother, but the brothers lived with their father, Phil, and stepmother, Marlo.

However, after learning more about them, Thomas enjoyed spending time with his children. Thomas had a clear mind on what she wanted. She did not want to sacrifice her profession for motherhood.

She Grew Up With Two Siblings

Marlo Thomas sister Terre Thomas and brother Tony Thomas, both are in the entertainment industry.

Terre is an actress best known for That Girl. She is currently 80 years old.

Similarly, Tony is a TV producer best known for Dead Poets Society. He even won academy award for this in 1989. He is 74 years old now. 


Marlo Thomas Net Worth

Thomas Marlo net worth is estimated at $150 million. At the same time, her husband Phil Donahue's net worth is $20 million approximately. 

Both husband and wife have spent 40 years of marriage and garnered around $200 with endorsements and affiliation. Marlo has been in show business from the old times acting on numerous television programs, such as "That Girl" and "Free to Be... You and Me." 

Although Marlo has a profession in entertainment, she is a well-known philanthropist who has worked with numerous nonprofit organizations. Her father was a comedian, and her family had a significant presence in show business. The expose in the entertainment business made her easy co-star with her father in an episode of "Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre."

Marlo and her husband Phil promoting her book,
Marlo and her husband Phil promoting her book, "What Makes A Marriage Last."( Source : usatoday )

Nevertheless, Thomas's brother also went on to make movies. Marlo Thomas has Lebanese and Italian descent and was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California. Marlo is a graduate with a teaching degree from the University of Southern California.

Some FAQs

Was Marlo Thomas married before Phil Donahue?

Marlo Thomas was not married before Phil Donahue. However, she had a long relationship with playwright Herb Gardner.

How Old Was Marlo Thomas When She Married Phil Donahue?

Marlo Thomas was 43 year-old before marrying Phil Donahue in 1980.

Does Marlo Thomas Have Children?

Marlo Thomas has five step children with Phil Donahue: Mary Rose Donahue, Jim Donahue, Michael Donahue, Daniel Donahue, and Kevin Donahue.

What Does Marlo Thomas's Sister Do?

Marlo Thomas sister Terre Thomas is also an actor. She also acted alongside her father in That Girl.

Where is Marlo Thomas Now?

Marlo Thomas now serves as director of National Outreach Director for St. Jude in Memphis, Tennessee.

How Much Is Marlo Thomas Worth?

Marlo Thomas is worth of $150 million. Similarly, her husband Phil Donahue has a net worth of $20 million.

How Old Is Marlo Thomas?

Marlo Thomas is 86 years old as of 2023. The actress was born in 1937.

Does Marlo Thomas Have A Daughter?

Marlo Thomas has a step daughter named Mary Rose. Marlo does not have biological children of her own.

How Old Was Marlo Thomas In That Girl?

Marlo Thomas was 29 years old when she played the role of Ann Marie in That Girl. The show was filmed and aired in 1966.

Is Marlo Thomas Still Married To Phil Donahue?

Marlo Thomas is still married to Phil Donahue and live happily in a penthouse with their dog Charlie in 2023.