Victor Dorobantu Net Worth As The Thing Actor In Wednesday Netflix

By Priyadarshi Nepal | December 2, 2022 03:23 PM

Victor Dorobantu pictured at the Hollywood premiere of Wednesday.
Victor Dorobantu pictured at the Hollywood premiere of Wednesday. ( Source : instagram )

Victor Dorobantu has a net worth of around $850,000. He is an experienced magician and a debut actor.

After appearing on Netflix's popular series Wednesday as Thing, the actor is finding new fame in the entertainment industry. He has appeared on eight episodes of the coming-of-age horror sci-fi series. He appears alongside Emma Myers, Jenna Ortega, and other cast members. 

While Wednesday might be his first acting credit on his IMDb profile, he is no stranger to the spotlight and entertainment industry. He has performed in numerous public and private events and some competitions as well as a hand actor and creature performer. His career as a magician has always been successful taking him to some big stages around the world. 

Victor has been in the industry for some time, and as we all know entertainment industry is one of the high-paying industries so Dorobantu might have a staggering fortune.

Victor Dorobantu Net Worth, How Much Is The Thing In Wednesday Paid?

Victor Dorobantu net worth is reportedly around $800,000 by News Unzip. However, the verification of the amount remains questionable. 

It is not revealed how much the Wednesday actors are paid per episode. But considering the worldwide fame of the Netflix series, he must have a huge salary.

While there is no denying his social media posts scream class, there is no extravagant luxury displayed on his Instagram posts. He does not share images in his luxurious home or pose with his expensive cars. 

Dorobantu has an unusual role in the series, he is the hand called Thing which is sent by the title character Thing's parents to watch over Wednesday. Victor might have been paid a handsome paycheck for his role, but the actual figure is not available. 

Netflix has not revealed anything about the cast's earnings or payments for their appearance in the series. Furthermore, other cast members have also remained silent about their paychecks ruling out the possibility of making assumptions about Victor's earnings or salaries. 

However, he might have accumulated his wealth from his other professions. Like we mentioned earlier, he is a talented magician as well. 

Victor Dorobantu posing for a classic look in his professional photoshoot.
Victor Dorobantu posing for a classic look in his professional photoshoot. ( Source : instagram )

Victor Dorobantu Career As A Magician

Victor Dorobantu is a talented magician apart from being a flourishing actor. 

He has showcased his talent on different big stages, he performed his magic trick on iUmor which translates to I Humor. A close relative to the American television show America Got Talent.

Furthermore, his social media account is filled with images and videos of him performing magic tricks. Some were on big stages while others were with his friends and on the streets. 

Although it is not known exactly when Victor started performing magic, he seems to have polished all the needed skills with his ample experience. He might be a natural magician with incredible talent. 

Victor Dorobantu as seen during the filming of Wednesday.
Victor Dorobantu as seen during the filming of Wednesday. ( Source : instagram )

Victor Dorobantu Bio

Victor Dorobantu is a Romanian national according to his IMDb profile

He was born on March 5, 1997, in Ploiesti, Romania, to his parents making him 25 years old as of 2022. However, the actor has not revealed anything about his parents nor he has shared images with his father and mother on his social media account yet. 

Victor has a bald head with a prominent beard on his face and a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. His Instagram account under his username @victor.dorobantu has nearly 40k followers, and the number of his Instagram followers is rising rapidly after his appearance on Netflix's sci-fi series Wednesday.