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20 Best Six Flags Locations In The USA

By Kajal Shah | 6 September 2023 06:42 AM

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Six Flags America is a world-renowned coaster and water park chain. More than 20 amusement parks in North America are operated by the American firm Six Flags, with 21 in the United States and a few water parks in Canada and Mexico.

Most of the parks included in Six Flags contain adventurous rides, to thrill and recreational activities. These bring great joy to families and kid-oriented groups visiting the location during their vacation. The ultimate list of 20 best six flags locations in the USA is given below:

1. Six Flags Over Georgia

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Six Flags Over Georgia is one of the amusement parks that opened on June 16, 1967. It is a 290-acre park which was the second Six Flags Park to be opened. 

It features 14 adventurous rides which include 11 roller coasters, and 3 water rides with unlimited fun. for the best ride, it has a Goliath hyper-coaster ride. On top of that, the rider will experience fun with a massive 540-degree helix which turns throughout the helix by making a more intense and powerful ride.

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2. Hurricane Harbor, Chicago

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Hurricane Harbor, Chicago is a 20-acre water park designed to offer the experience to visitors with ultimate fun. It is located between Milwaukee and Chicago. 

The park has 25 thrilling attractions with towering water slides, a wave pool, a relaxing river, and exciting kids' splash pads to enjoy. You can also see the park with a Caribbean vibe along with free Six Flags Great America Park admission.

3. White Water Atlanta

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White Water Atlanta is one of the 69-acre amusement parks that has been part of the Six Flags family since 1999. This park has been divided into two separate sections with a unique set of attractions. 

Furthermore, it contains a legendary river that is named Little Hooch, and its wave pool is the Atlanta Ocean. If you love slides, then this is the better place to visit as you can have different water slides. There are 17 waterslides to attract with a max thrill rating.

4. Darien New York

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From generation to generation, Six Flags Darien Lake has been counted as one of the amusement parks. This park is for families and kids who want to have a great destination place for vacation.

The park was opened in 1982 and is supposed to be the veteran park for the country. It is about 1200-acre theme park featuring different rides like 8 thrilling roller coasters, and water park.

5. Hurricane Harbor, Rockford

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Hurricane Harbor was formerly famous as Magic Waters which was opened in year 1984. It is a theme park that has kid-oriented features with a dozen attractions.

People can visit attractions like the Little Lagoon, Tiki Island, and Splash Magic River. Talking about the Splash Magic River, a place where you can take a break and float down around the lazy river. Besides its attraction, it is famous for high cleanliness, safety, and standard customer service. These features make it one of the best six flag locations in the USA.

6. Six Flags Over Texas- Arlington, Texas

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Six Flags Over Texas- Arlington, Texas is a theme park that opened on August 5, 1961. It is a 212-acre amusement park that is from east north and west of Dallas.

The park is one of the world-class amusement parks that is much loved by family destination people. Altogether it has 35 thrilling attractions among which it has 13 roller coasters and 3 rides. Additionally, it holds shows, events, and concerts for people who love to enjoy clubs and music.

7. Six Flags Great Adventure- Jackson, New Jersey

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Six Flags Great Adventure is a park that opened on July 1, 1974. The park is located in Jackson New Jersey approximately 20 miles from Southeast. It is famous for a water park named Hurricane Harbor. 

Great Adventure is a massive park with 510 acres and another 58 attractions that is owned by the Six Flag family. In fact, it is the second-largest park in the world of animal kingdoms. It is featured with 14 roller coasters, 2 water rides and Wild safari animal park.

8. Great Escape-lake George, New York

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The city has old-growth forests, mountains, and lakes, and a better place for summer vacation. Great Escape Park was opened in the year 1959.

The park features 135 attractions like 6 roller coasters and 10 water rides. Additionally, it has an outstanding ride that is Torando a 5000-gallon, five-story ride through a giant funnel. It also offer other rides like Comet, Alpine Bobsled, Twister Falls, and Desperado Plunge.

9. Frontier City, Oklahoma

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Among the best six flag locations in the USA is Frontier City located in Oklahoma. It is the city home with only one amusement park that is a freontier city.

Frontier City is the western theme park that opened in 1958 with 40 acres of land. It is famous for family-friendly attraction and having blood curling thrill when the sun goes down making it more beautiful. It features with Garden of Evil and the Scare Zone, entertainment options, special fright fest show. etc.

10. Hurricane Harbor, Phoenix, Arizona

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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix is a water park that opened on July 1, 2009, located in North Phoenix at Adobe Dam Regional Park. The waterpark is about 35 acres of land making it the biggest amusement park in the state. 

The park is featured with 30 exhibiting spots for visitors. There are other attractions sites like Boogie Board Baech. This site has a multilevel kids area with a dump truck, water cannons, and kid-friendly slides.

11. Discovery Kingdom - San Francisco, California

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Six Flag Discovery Kingdom of Nother California is the go-to park for thrill and attraction. The park was established in 1968 with 135 acres of land approximately between San Francisco and Sacramento.

The park is featured with a unique blend of thrilling rides, attractions, wildlife, and exciting shows that undoubtedly make the park the best place to visit. Thrill seekers mostly visit the park for heart-pounding rides and ride coasters.

12. Six Flags Fiesta - San Antonio, Texas

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Six Flags Fiesta is the theme park located in the northern San Antonia. The park opened on March 14, 1992, and is just 20 minutes distance from Boerne. 

The park covers almost 220 acres of land with 10 onsite attractions. It featured 12 roller coasters and 2 water rides. The visitor must visit the much-loved SkyScreamer and the Joker. The main attraction is Scream, which is a drop tower meant for daredevils.

13. Six Flag St Louis - Missouri

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Six Flag St Louis is a theme park that opened on 5 June 1971. The park is located in mid-America. This park is the only one where activities for all generations can be found.

It has 9 roller coasters together along with TV shows such as Looney Tunes, DC Comics, Warner Bros, and Scooby-doo. A notable attraction can be the soaring coaster, which is close to downtown St Louis from where the transport network is easily accessible.

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14. Six Flags America, Washington

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Six Flag America is a theme park opened in 1974. The park is located in the Woodmore CDP of Prince George's Country and in Washington, DC metropolitan city.

It is one of the biggest parks in the Baltimore area which has more than 55 rides, events, and attractions for enjoyment. The features of the park draw for Last Stand Coaster, zombie-themed Apocalypse, and Superman.

15. Hurricane Harbor OK - Oklahoma

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Hurricane Harbor OK was opened in 1981 by Herschend Family Entertainment. Formed with 14 water slides, set on 25 acres of lush garden that is featured with the most fabulous pools and sides.

It is one of the city's premier water parks which is upgraded and ranked among the best Six Flags location. Formerly, Hurricane Harbor OK was known as white water bay. You can book a cabana where you can enjoy the views of the lazy river and wave pool.

16. Six flags Magic Mountain - Los Angeles

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Six Flags Magic Mountain is the classic theme park which is formerly known as Magic Mountain. It was opened on May 29 1971 as a development of Newhall land with 209 acres of land located in Valencia, California, 35 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. 

The feature of the park is that it contains a home for 100 rides with 19 world-class coasters. Undoubtedly you will find Magic Mountain family-friendly with Hollywood-style magic where there is spectacular entrainment from special events to delicious eats.

17. Hurricane Harbor, Los Angeles

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Hurricane Harbor, Los Angeles is one of the theme water parks that opened in 1997. It was previously known from the Name Island kingdom near Magic Mount.

It is the same as Magic Mountain which maintains the Hollywood style. The water park is set for a 22-acre placement that boasts a unique blend of adrenaline-pumping and outdoor adventure for visitors. 

You will get to feel the adventure and entertainment with a 1300-foot lazy river along with a kids' playing area.

18. Hurricane Harbor Splashtown - Houston, Texas

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Because of the location, many people regard Houston as a city of entertainment destinations. The city offers six flag locations, including the Hurricane Harbour Splashtown. The park is located to the north of Houston in the United States

Six Flag Splashtown was opened in the year 1984 and it was previously known only as Splashtown USA. It is a water park with a wooded 80-acre park that comes with lots of pools, lagoons, chutes, and slides.

The notable attraction of this park is Big Kahuna, Wahoo Wave, and raft rides, with altogether 9 water slide rides.

19. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor- New jersey

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Six Flag Hurricane Harbor is the theme water park located in Jackson New Jersey. The place is beautiful to view as it features a 45-acre water park and has a one-million-gallon wave pool.

Additionally, it has also tube slides, a river with geysers a and waterfall. Visitors like to have rides with canabas which enhance the day with premium lounge chair options.

20. Hurricane Harbor Concord

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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord is a water park that opened in 1995 located in Concord, California. It was initially developed by the premier park but is currently owned by EPR Properties and operated by Six Flags.

The park is featured with 25 water slides, a wave pool, raft slides, body slides, etc. The combo packs of entertainment make the visitor enjoyable where they feel like they are at the park with a beautiful natured city.

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