20 Adorable Shih Tzu Haircuts and Styles

By Alisha Dotel | 13 September 2023 02:01 AM

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Shih Tzu dog breeds have show-stopping double layered long hair that adds to their shining beauty. You have a lot of alternatives when it comes to giving your Shih Tzu a brand-new, fashionable haircut that is both adorable and lovely.

From the traditional puppy cut to elegant top knots, all of these haircuts significantly help to keep clean while they look lovely. Here are 20 examples of adorable Shih Tzu haircuts and styles you may like.

1. Top Knot Show Cut

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The Top Knot Show Cut hairstyles look attractive in Shih Tzu but it requires a lot of maintenance. In this cut the hair of the dog typically falls to its feet.

Dogs can pick up dust, dirt, water, and other things with this long hairstyle. So, to avoid any pain, it is important to take precautions and undo the top knot every night.

2. The Puppy Cut

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The Puppy Cut which is also known as the Summer Cut is said to be the best style for Shih Tzus. This haircut involves trimming your pup's fur short about 1 inch from its tail to its nose.

Their athletic build, sparkling eyes, and spunky personality are highlighted by this cut. Compared to other cuts, this one requires less maintenance, but regular brushing and pruning are still required.

3. Teddy Bear Cut

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Among dog breeds, this classic haircut known as the Teddy Bear is well-liked. This cut is solely relevant to the head portion providing the face with a rounded form.

Your pet will resemble a soft and cuddly teddy bear after this cut. Both dogs with short hair and those with long hair can wear this cut.

4. Dainty Girl

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This hairstyle is most suitable for female Shih Tzu. In this cut leaving the hair long and free-flowing while sporting a topknot and a bow highlights a woman's femininity. 

This is the ideal choice for Shih Tzu owners who want their dogs to look their best and highlight their attractiveness.

5. Flared Bottom Style

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A stylish grooming option for Shih Tzu is the flared bottom style. In this style body is trimmed to a length of 7.5 cm or less and the tail, legs, and typically the face are kept longer.

Overall, this results in a contrast in hair length and a flared bottom appearance, giving a dog a distinctive and fashionable appearance. To keep the hair properly clipped and styled, this requires regular maintenance.

6. Ponytails

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Ponytail styles are perfect for Shih Tzu dogs as they have silky and long hair. In this style, hair is gathered and tied with a hair clip or rubber band which can also keep the hair out of the face.

This can be the cute and stylish look for the dog and can be of different styles such as top knot ponytail, side ponytail, and double ponytail. Additionally, keep in mind that you use comfortable accessories to tie their ponytails.

7. The Full Shave

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The Full Shave haircut means shaving off the fur of your pets completely by showing their skin. This hairstyle is perfect during the summer season as this can keep them cool.

These cuts are advantageous for owners as they require less maintenance, with no problems of tangles or knots, and it is also easy to keep them clean and dry.

8. Japanese Cut

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Japanese hairstyles can be classified in many ways but all of them have one thing in common which is legs should not be cut short and ears should not be made long.

This hairstyle has been given the name as Japanese cut as this was quite popular in Japan. The shape of the leg hair varies depending on the breed which may be circular, triangular, or a combination of both.

9. The Short Puppy Cut

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This haircut is highly preferred for this breed which involves trimming their fur short all over their body using only scissors. This grooming style is also safe because there is no risk of accidentally cutting the dog's skin with clippers.

By having this haircut, the dog doesn't need regular brushing and combing, and there are no tangles and knots. The Short Puppy Cut is perfect for the summer season and gives dogs a cute and youthful look.

10. Accessories

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To make the perfect hairstyle for Shih Tzu you can apply various types of accessories to their hair that look pretty on them. These hair adornments help them prevent their hair from getting in their eye.

There are plenty of options to be used as you can use bows, clips, ribbons, hairbands, and many more to style their hair. Plus, you can also use tiny colorful hats to give them an extra look.

11. Perfectly Brushed

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These canines are known for their beautiful and silky coats which should be brushed neatly to avoid them from being tangled. Regular grooming is essential for these breeds.

Even though the hair is cut short, it is important to maintain proper care through regular bathing and brushing. Pets with perfectly brushed hair look neat and tidy.

12. Short Coat, Full Top Haircut

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Similar to the Japanese Cut, the body hair is kept reasonably short but the hair on the head, ears, and tail are left longer. It is a popular and current look among many dog lovers.

You can style the hair on the head in different ways to make it look stylish. This haircut is great for the summer as it helps keep the dog cool.

13. Mohawk Hairstyle

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The Mohawk hairstyle for Shih Tzu is a cool and edgy look where the hair in the middle of the head is longer and styled upright, like a human Mohawk. It's a fun way to make your dog look unique and stand out.

This style gives a bold and iconic look to your pets. If you are interested in giving a really fun look then this is the perfect one.

14. Girly Look

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Braids and ponytails can give your Shih Tzu a stylish and adorable look without being excessively frilly. It's important to keep her long hair clean and well-groomed for hygiene reasons.

This feminine hairstyle can make a dog look lovely. You can even enhance her look by adding hair ornaments to her hair making her more attractive.

15. Practical Top Knot

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Practical Top Knot is the renowned haircut during the summer, as well as winter seasons for your pets. In this hairstyle, the hair is left to hang on the top of the head and then you can tie anything beautiful around it.

After that, the hair is allowed to flow down the back of the head falling gracefully. This is one of the most attractive styles where your canine looks adorable.

16. Lion Cut

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This style consists of shaving the body and leaving a longer mane around the head and neck highlighting the lion's look. To show their regal side this is the best choice of cut.

Additionally, this is the perfect cut during the summer season. You will also enjoy low-pressure maintenance grooming with this haircut.

17. Rounded Face

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A Rounded Face cut gives your facial features and provides a clear and defined look. All the hair on the face is kept short in this hairstyle and is rounded in shape.

To maintain its shape and keep the hair from tangling, this cut needs a regular basis of grooming However, it will be easy for owners to keep their pet's face area clean.

18. The Long Ear Puppy Cut

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The Long Ear Puppy Cut and Puppy Cut are quite similar however, the Long Ear Puppy Cut leaves the hair on the ears long. This gives your pet an adorable and slightly feminine appearance.

This is a great option for dog lovers who enjoy accessorizing their pets' hair, especially because the longer ear hair allows for a variety of hair accessories to give them a perfect makeover.

19. Medium-Length Puppy Cut

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The name Medium Length Puppy Cut itself indicates the meaning that this hairstyle involves trimming the fur to a medium length all over the body. This is a well-known grooming style for dogs.

With this haircut, dogs look adorable and it is also easy for the owners to maintain their hygiene. Thus this can also be a perfect choice for your pets.

20. Short and Layered Cut

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A short and layered cut is a trendy grooming style for Shih Tzu. It involves trimming their fur to a shorter length and adding layers for texture and depth.

This haircut makes their coat easier to manage and reduces the chances of tangling. Plus, it gives them a fashionable and up-to-date look.

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