How Rich Is Sandy Alderson? Know His Net Worth

By Bhumika Shrestha | 30 September 2022 07:06 AM

On September 15, 2022, Sandy Alderson announced to step down as president of the New York Mets when the team finds his replacement.
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Sandy Alderson's net worth is approximately 50 million dollars. The president of the New York Mets, Sandy Alderson, has pocketed millions.

Alderson served as General Manager for New York Mets from 2010 to 2018 and was hired as President in September 2020 after the approval of a majority of MLB.

The Hall of Fame executive Sandy Alderson is accompanied by his son Bryn Alderson, Director, Professional Scouting at New York Mets. The father-son duo has served the Mets for years.

On September 15, 2022, Alderson announced stepping down as President of The New York Mets. He is still in the position and will continue his role till the Mets owners Steve and Alexandra Cohen find his replacement.

Some Quick Facts About Sandy Alderson

NameSandy Alderson
Date of BirthNovember 22, 1947
Age74 years old
SpouseLinda Alderson
ChildrenBryn Alderson, Cate Edell
ProfessionPresident at The New York Mets

Sandy Alderson's Professional Career

In 1981, Alderson joined Oakland Athletics as general counsel, and two later, he was named the team's general manager. He helped to build the Athletics Minor League System during his tenure from 1983-97.

The table turned in 1995 when the owner of Oakland Athletics, Walter A. Haas, Jr., died. The new owners, Stephen Schott, and Ken Hofmann, reduced the payroll resulting in low waged average players on the team.

During his tenure in Oakland, he addressed the use of steroids related to the Mets players Jose Canseco and Mark McGwire.

Sandy Alderson was the architect of the Oakland Athletics teams that played in three consecutive World Series from 1988 to 1990 and won the championship in 1989
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Later he left Oakland Athletics and joined Major League Baseball's commissioner’s office. He was positioned as Executive Vice President for Baseball Operations.

In 2005, Alderson joined San Diego Padres as chief executive officer. During that time, he was also a lecturer at the University of California.

Alderson joined Athletics in January 2019 as a senior advisor of baseball operations. He left the position right after the 2020 season.

Sandy Alderson's Journey With New York Mets

After working with San Diego Padres for years as CEO, he joined New York Mets as a consultant for Major League Baseball, addressing issues in Latin America.

On October 29, 2010, New York Mets replaced Omar Minaya with Sandy Alderson as General Manager, the 12th general manager.

Sandy Alderson signed a four-year contract with the New York Mets club option for 2015 to oversee the baseball operations throughout the club.

As general manager, he signed his first big contract with David Wright worth $138 million for seven years. His agreement was contrary to the Mets' policy of not offering large contracts to players in their 30s.

Sandy Alderson joined the Mets on October 29, 2010 as the 12th General Manager in franchise history
Source : cbssports

In 2012 Sandy reduced the payrolls of the team's players and exchanged a few talents for the team. But in 2018, she suffered from cancer recurrence, leading her to take a break.

In 2019 he returned to Athletics for a few months. Then he returned to the Mets as team president after the approval of MLB.

Under his supervision, the New York Mets made playoffs in 2015 and 2016. The team also won the 2015 NL pennant.

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Sandy Alderson Has Made MIllions Throughout The Years

Alderson is president of the New York Mets and previously served as general manager for the same team. Before the Mets, he worked as an executive of Oakland Athletics, the San Diego Padres, and the Major League Baseball Commissioner’s Office.

Sandy Alderson has a net worth of $50 Million. His four decades of career in baseball operations have made him millions in his pocket.

Under the supervision of Sandy, The New Mets have signed an average Contract worth $25,605,6776 with different baseball players in the last two years.

As president, Sandy Alderson earns an average salary of $1-2 Million per year. Alderson, a Harvard-educated lawyer, coached A's manager Billy Beane and led both the New York Mets and the Oakland A's to titles.

In 2020, Alderson listed a luxurious four-bedroom, 5.5-bath residence worth $5.25M in Tiburon, CA.

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Sandy Alderson's Wife, Linda Alderson

Sandy Alderson married Linda Alderson in the 1970s. The couple married just eight months before Sandy left for a Vietnam tour for Marin Corps.

The Aldersons were high school sweethearts; they met during high school in Falls Church. They were the class of 1965.

The couple moved to Manhattan in 1998 after Alderson accepted a job at the commissioner's office.

Linda Alderson never got tired of the job changes and new residences, but when Sandy left a San Francisco law firm to work for the A's in 1980, she was taken aback.

Sandy Alderson's children, Bryn Alderson and Cate Edell are all grown up and are married. Cate is married to Greg Edell and has a daughter named Morgan.

Cate Edell

Sandy Alderson's daughter, Cate Edell, was born Catrin Gwennan Alderson. She married Gregg Richard Edell, a son of Dolores B. Edell and Richard I. Edell of Glenelg, in 2004.

The couple met at Dartmouth College and graduated together in 2000. Gregg has worked as a bond trader at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

Sandy Alderson's daughter, Cate Edell with her husband Gregg Richard Edell.
Source : facebook

Cate has worked as an assistant in the education department at the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Mrs. Edell now works in Education Department at Guggenheim Museum. The couple lives with their three kids in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Bryn Alderson

Sandy Alderson's son, Bryn Alderson, is the Director of Professional Scouting at the New York Mets. Bryn has followed his father's footsteps from Oakland to The Mets.

Alderson earned a BA in Sociology and Psychology from Dartmouth College in 2003. He has played baseball for Varsity Baseball and served Theta Delta Chi, Social Chair, during his college days.

In 2003, he started to work with Oakland Athletics as Baseball operations assistant and coordinator of Scouting.

Sandy Alderson's son Bryn Alderson married Andrea Alderson on November 9, 2013.
Source : facebook

After working with Athletics for eight years, he left and joined New York Mets. He started as Professional Scout and has served the organization for almost a decade.

Bryn Alderson married Andrea Alderson, Instructor at PILATES, on November 9, 2013

What Did Sandy Alderson Do Before Entering Baseball World?

Sandy Alderson entered baseball in 1981; before, he had experienced Marine Corps in Vietnam as a Marine Corps officer. His father, John Alderson, was a veteran pilot for three conflicts.

He was an ROTC student at Dartmouth College, graduated in 1969, and took eight months of Vietnamese Language School at Monterrey before going to Vietnam.

Alderson served with the 2nd Battalion and 1st Marines and was assigned to Marine Barracks at 1st and I while commanding the Marine Corps Silent Drill team.

Sandy Alderson's father, John Alderson served Air Force for thirty years; he served in World War II in 1944 and a945B24.

John has also served in the Korean War in Thailand and taught and flew missions with Laotian pilots. Growing up, Sandy traveled and lived in a lot of different places.

The years in Marine Corps were life-shaping for Alderson; he learned life lessons about the importance of initiative and creativity within a framework of the discipline.

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Some FAQs

Has Sandy Alderson ever been to Marine Corps?

Yes, Alderson served with the 2nd Battalion and 1st Marines and was assigned to Marine Barracks at 1st and I while commanding the Marine Corps Silent Drill team.

Is Sandy Alderson related to Bryn Alderson?

Bryn Alderson is son of Sandy Alderson. He is married to Andrea Alderson, Instructor at PILATES.

How much is Sandy Alderson's net worth?

Sandy Alderson's net worth is approximately 50 million dollars.

Who is Sandy Alderson married to?

Sandy Alderson married his wife Linda Alderson in the 1970s.