Insight Into NC Governor Roy Cooper Family Life

By Preeta Rajkarnikar | May 25, 2023 02:35 AM

Roy takes a potrait with Kristin, Hilary, Claire and Natalie
Roy takes a potrait with Kristin, Hilary, Claire and Natalie( Source : facebook )

Roy Cooper family consists of his spouse Kristin Cooper and three children. Cooper has been married for over three decades.

Roy is an attorney and the 75th governor of North Carolina since 2017. In 2020, he was reelected as the governor of North Carolina. Prior to becoming a governor, he served as the 49th attorney general of North Carolina for 16 years.

Recently, Cooper mentioned that the public schools in North Carolina are facing a state emergency. In his address, Roy outlined the legislation in the North Carolina General Assembly that would destroy the state's public education system.

The governor grew up in a well-educated household. His father Roy Asberry Cooper II was a lawyer and his mother Beverly Batchelor was a teacher.

He was raised along with his brother Pell C. in Nashville, North Carolina. Currently, Pell serves as a judge at North Carolina District Court.

Roy Is Married To Lawyer Kristin Cooper

Roy Cooper wife Kristin Cooper is a staff attorney to the legislature in North Carolina and Oklahoma. Kristin is a mom of three daughters.

Kristin has also acted as the guardian ad litem for Wake County kids since 2003 and uses her legal training to represent foster kids in court. Since 2017, she has been the First Lady of the state of North Carolina.

As the first lady, she has taken several initiatives to create safe, nurturing, and healthy environments for children. She joined the Food Bank of Central and Eastern Carolina to set up the Stop Summer Hunger Program.

Kristin completed her bachelor's degree from the University of Oklahoma. In 1982, she received Juris Doctor from Campbell University's Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law. 

The First Lady was raised by her parents Captain Samuel C. Bernhardt and Geri Bernhardt in Oklahoma. She grew up alongside her three young sisters.

Kristin is 66 years old and she celebrates her birthday on July 19.

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Kristin attired in a green dress as she celebrate Christmas in 2022
Kristin attired in a green dress as she celebrate Christmas in 2022( Source : instagram )

Kristin And Roy Have Been Married For 31 Years

The Cooper couple first met each other during a committee meeting about salvage titles at the North Carolina General Assembly. The pair exchanged their wedding vows in  March 1992.

The married duo resides in Raleigh with their pet cats. They are proud parents of three young adults.

Roy Cooper Has Three Children

Roy Cooper kids include three daughters named Hilary Cooper, Natalie Cooper, and Claire Cooper. Hilary is the oldest among them.

All three of them completed their undergraduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When they resided in Rocky Mount the siblings' trio took part in the production of Camelot along with their mother.

Hilary Cooper

Hilary works as an Assistant General Counsel at AvePoint. She also serves as a Facility Security Officer and Inside Threat Program Senior Official.

Prior to joining AvePoint, Hilary served as a Senior Legal Counsel at SAS for three years. In 2014, she was an employee at the Blue Cross NC where she was appointed as an Assistant Counsel.

According to her LinkedIn Profile, she began her law career as a Research Assistant to Chief Judge John Martin at the State of North Carolina, Court of Appeals. A year later, Hilary served as a law clerk to Judge Cressie Thigpen at the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Hilary got her big break when she was appointed as a Senior Attorney at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in December 2010.

The Cooper household celebrate Hilary's birthday in 2018
The Cooper household celebrate Hilary's birthday in 2018( Source : facebook )

Claire Cooper

Roy Cooper daughter Claire Cooper is an Alto Soloist at Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church in Baltimore. She provides private vocal lessons online.

Claire also has theatre experience as she has performed in several stage productions such as Kirke Mechem’s Pride and Prejudice, Giulio Cesare with Chicago Summer Opera, and Zach Redler’s The Falling and the Rising with Peabody Institute.

Cooper is the recipient of the George Castelle Memorial in Voice from Peabody Institute.

Talking about her personal life, Claire is married to a guy named Zack Cook.

Natalie Cooper

Natalie is comparatively more private than her sisters. She has been featured on her father's social accounts.