Capital One CEO Rich Fairbank Is A Family Man With A Wife and Eight Kids

By Preeta Rajkarnikar | May 26, 2023 10:23 AM

Richard attired in a two piece suit at his compant Capital One via Getty
Richard attired in a two piece suit at his compant Capital One via Getty( Source : co )

Rich Fairbank wife Chris Fairbank is a mother of eight Children. Chris Fairbank and Rich Fairbank have been residing in their Overlook Farm.

Richard is a businessman known for his bank holding company named Capital One with his partner Nigel Morris. He has also been part of the board of directors of Master Card International from 2004 to 2006.

Rich Fairbank family comes from well-educated and successful background. The billionaire businessman was born to his parents William M. Fairbank and Jane Davenport in California.

His father William was a physicist well known for his work on liquid helium. Fairbank was raised along with his two brothers William M. Fairbank Jr and Robert Harold Fairbank. Both of them are successful in their respective careers.

His brother William walked in his father's footsteps and became a physicist while Robert serves as a business, antitrust, consumer, and IP lawyer based in Los Angeles.

After marriage, the businessman expanded his family just like his business empire.

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Chris Fairbank Is A Doting Mother Of Eight

Chris is known to be the spouse of billionaire businessman Richard Fairbank and the mother of his eight children.

Fairbank was born to her parents Liliane Bertaux Uppman and Carl in the year 1950. Chris celebrates her birthday on October 21 and currently, she is 72 years old.

She was raised along with her sister Michele in Menlo Park, California. Her father was a military veteran and her mother was a volunteer at the Harrison Memorial Library and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula.

Liliane and Carl were involved in the Church of the Wayfarer.

Currently, Chris lives a private life with her husband at Overlook Farm near Gunston Hall in Virginia. Before that, she lived in Bethesda MD with her loved ones.

Chris And Richard Have Known Each Other For Over Four Decades

The billionaire couple have been tight-lipped about their wedding details. According to Wagcenter, they have known each other since Rich was in graduate school.

It is known during graduate school, Chris told Richard that he grossed her out when he was enthused about a prestigious company that wouldn't have been a good career fit for him. He was taking the standards of his peers and chasing them.

Fairbank listened to his lover and immediately dismissed the idea. Then the pair made a pact that if Chris saw him changing she would have him quit immediately.

The married couple has been keeping their lives out of the spotlight from the beginning of their relationship. They are rarely seen being clicked by the media people in the public.

Rich clad in a navy blue suit for his profile via Getty
Rich clad in a navy blue suit for his profile via Getty( Source : co )

Rich Fairbank Kids Are All Adults Now

Rich Fairbank children include Carl, Brian, Melissa, Kristen, Sara, Ashley Anne, Michael, and John Fairbank.

When the kids were young, Richard spent an average of two and a half hours a night with them. Until kindergarten, they would stay up until midnight to spend time with their father after work.

The eight of them would catch up on sleep in the morning and would go to the preschool in the afternoon. The businessman had promised his partner that he would make time for his loved ones despite his busy schedule.

In 2008, the couple's son Carl tied the knot with his high school sweetheart Victoria Chapman near his family's property. 

Richard Fairbank family lives a quiet life away from the media despite being one of the well-known households.

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