20 Best Restaurants For Families In New York

By Kajal Shah | 12 September 2023 05:03 AM

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NYC is the most thriving city that never sleeps. From busy daytime to nightlife, New York is always busy, and the restaurants are always open. With so many classic restaurants to choose from, we prefer the ones with not just good food but also the ambiance, family-friendly options, outdoor and indoor spaces for kids, service, and affordability.

Families can have a relaxing time at restaurants with all these facilities. So, here we have listed the 20 best such restaurants well-suited for families.

1. Ellen's Stardust Diner

Source : facebook

Location: 1650 Broadway

Reservation: Yelp

Ellen Stardust Diner is the 1950 theme restaurant that is located at the corner of 51st Street in the Theater District of Manhattan, New York City. It is popular among children and adults for its American cuisine food style. 

The restaurant is regarded as one of the best restaurants for the family as it contains retro-themed memorabilia. Featured with Miss Subways on the walls, an indoor train, a 1956 prediction television, and a theater screen that shows performances of the 1950s.

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2. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

Source : instagram

Location: Multiple 

Reservation: Yelp

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que restaurant is one of the biker chain restaurants located mostly in upstate New York with different branches in New York. The restaurant features with southern-style meats, draft beers, barbeque, and an atmosphere with live music along with delicious chicken wings something for everyone.

The restaurant is one of the famous Bar-B-Que liked by young guys as in May 2009 this restaurant was voted as America's best barbeque restaurant in ABC's Good Morning America poll. Among 7500 participanets 4000 indivialdual cose dinosuar bar-b-que. Additionally, it was Richman host of the travel channel tried the restaurant pork street sandwich with 1/2 pound brisket pulled pork.

3. Roey's

Source : instagram

Location: 1 Perry Street

Reservation: Resy

Roeys is an Italian restaurant that is the more casual sibling of Family Restaurant. It is a good place with good wine, a game shelf by the front door, a wood-fired oven, and filled with tasty dishes. Blistered pizza is counted as one of the best pizzas in New York. 

It is more famous for the kid's menu as covers all the bases made with the same standard as the rest of the food restaurant. Additionally, staff are so helpful with perfect timing of services. Add value to the spot with herbed chicken roasted apples, where a kid can get a PB&J made with seasonal jam that makes a happy customer.

4. Serendipity 3

Source : pinterest

Location: 225 E 60th St

Reservation: Resy

Serendipity 3 is a restaurant located at 225 East of 60th Street between Second and Third Avenue in New York City that was founded by Calvin L. Hlt, Patch in 1954. It is one of the old dessert destinations that is popular with celebrities and has creative savory dishes.

It is one of the popular restaurants and is liked by many for family celebrations as it serves amazing food and decadent desserts. The place has been captivating millions of tourists since its inception and is the place where artists and actors both come for inspiration. Additionally, popular for boutiques that sell a kind of fashion and artistic items for cultural figures.

5. J.G Melon

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Location: 1291 3rd Ave, 

Reservation: Yelp

J.G Melon is an american restaurant that was established in 1972 on the northeast corner of East 74th Street. The restaurant decor is mostly with artwork depicting watermelons that are liked by family visiting guests.

The restaurant is mostly renowned for its hamburger offers with a patty of ground meat, typically beef placed that is served with cheese. Additionally, A comfy atmosphere attracts a laid-back neighborhood crowd to this cash-only pub famed for burgers.

6. Hibino Brooklyn

Source : whereyoueat

Location: 333 Henry St

Reservation: Resy

Hibino Brooklyn is a Japanese restaurant that offers sushi, and small plates of homemade tofu on their creative menu. The place is mostly for families in Brownstone Brooklyn. it is featured with a sleek oak sushi bar, obanzai, and kyoto-style tapas. 

The restaurant is mostly liked by guests due to its sushi dish which is excellent, cooked with food that stands for chicken teriyaki skin organic fowl with denote asparagus and okra pods. Additionally also have soy pudding desserts that add flavor to the taste of guests who come here with their families.

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7. Russ & Daughters

Source : pinterest

Location: 179 E Houston

Reservation: Resy

Russ & Daughter is one of the restaurants that offer high and smoked fish that has been running for 107 years. They offer a traditional NYC bagel with cream cheese spread, cured salmon, and pickled herring. The café on the Lower East Side also offers a sit-down option where you can enjoy your food.

The restaurant is an integral part of the history of New York, a touchstone in the lives of generations, and a torchbearer of Jewish food in America. The place is famous for the New York cultural icon where it offers bagels, babka, and other traditional baked goods with quality appetizers.

8. The Smith

Source : pinterest

Location: Multiple

Reservation: Sevenrooms

The Smith Restaurant of New York is known for its american brasseries. If you are planning to have something with extra happiness with family, then this place is best for groups with a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. 

Here you will find dishes like fried green tomatoes, pasta bunch of salmon, brick chicken, and greenery salad as the main dinner course. The famous thing about this place is that it is located through Manhattan City which you can find one of the closest to your area.

9. Golden Diner

Source : instagram

Location: 123 Madison Street 

Reservation: Resy

Golden Diner is one of the family restaurants that makes dishes available with international influence and with counter seating opened in 2019. The food is quality and hygienic maintained that served breakfast and lunches (homemade granola and yogurt) also the cocktail, Korean spirits with dinner items.

Besides that restaurant offers culture dining decked out in leather-covered swivel stools, doily curtains, and stained glass lamps. The popularity of this amazing restaurant has been gained through its fun twists and turns in Yuba Club sandwiches and Chicken Katsu is a gooey delight.

10. American Girl Cafe

Source : pinterest

Location: 75 Rockefeller Plaza

Reservation: Americangirl

The restaurant is specially for every little lady who wants to have dinner dining with her family and her doll. It is featured with traditional cinnamon buns, scones, cucumber sandwiches, hot tea, cocoa, or pink lemonade. it also offers healthier brunch and dinner menus.

Moreover, the restaurant is famous for girls and families who like shopping along with the eatery. Along with that, they are offered personalized digital invitations with signature cake and ice cream free for the birthday celebration dollies.

11. Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

Source : facebook

Location: 513 Henry St

Reservation: Yelp 

Brooklyn Pharmacy and Soda Fountain is one of the contemporary soda fountains that was hosed in 1920. They offer a variety of ice cream sundaes house-made sparkling and espresso drinks.

The place is famous for family dining Kids love the featured items of this restaurant such as milkshakes, pints ice cream, ice cream sandwiches, hot chocolate, and cookies and cakes.

12. Harlem Tavern

Source : facebook

Location: 2153 Frederick Douglass

Reservation: OpenTable

Harlem Tavern is the garden style with extensive food and drinks in a spacious indoor/outdoor setting restaurant that offers Biergarten-style eatery items. The restaurant is featured with menus from juicy burgers to buttermilk fried chicken to quesadillas, tacos and sliders, and cheese with one like grilled steak and BBQ pork. 

The restaurant is famous for family dining as it offers both indoor and outdoor setting atmospheres with delicious items to eat. also offer a relaxed casual atmosphere with multiple TVs where guests can play a variety of music as per their choice.

13. Rosemary's

Source : instagram

Location: Multiple 

Reservation: Resy

Rosemary's restaurant is an amenity restaurant with neighborhood style that offers everyone to feeling of welcome and nourishment. They serve in a local style that enriches the life and community both at home and while on the go. 

The place is famous for its Italian trattoria that offers a special kids menu who are welcomed by family and offered favorite food like focaccia with homemade mozzarella, penne with marinara, and Italian cookies for dessert. The reservation is done by family where parties must be of eight or more.

14. Cowgirl

Source : pinterest

Location: 519 Hudson Street 

Reservation: OpenTable

If you are looking for a restaurant in all walks of life and welcoming people with family then Cowgirl is the best one in NYC. The restaurant was opened in 1989 is old and has been operating mostly in the west village. 

The Cowgirl restaurant is famous for its funky style and fun that serves some of the best comfort food, chili and frito pie, as well as potent margaritas. The menus are kid and family-friendly with affordable prices.


Source : instagram

Location: 135 Alexander Ave

Reservation: OpenTable

If you are looking for something like having a family's best restaurant with staples and cocktails, then Beaststro restaurant is the best one. The restaurant is a trendy southern American restaurant that offers a speakeasy concept with authentic Bronx-inspired food. The dishes featured chicken, and ground beef prepared, with salad.

The place is one of the best family-loving and popular because of its fun vibes with a large menu it adds taste to southern style. It celebrates the Bronx as well as the culture of hip-hop.

16. Landmarc Tribeca Events

Source : facebook

Location: 179 W Broadway

Reservation: OpenTable

If you like having dinner with family and searching for something Italian then go for Landmarc Tribeca Events which is the French and Italian restaurant located in the Manhattan Tribeca district.

The place is famous for its option with a downtown central park that is open till late at night. The eatery item is perfect for early lunches, dinners, accommodating naps, and early bedtimes.

17. Havana Central Times Square

Source : instagram

Location: 151 W 46th St

Reservation: Yelp

Havana Central Times Square is a restaurant located in Times Square Street. You will get a variety of food with a spectacular setting and complete 1950 decor style.

The place is amazing and liked by the family because of its night music at night that gives you a great Cuban meal with your kids. 

18. Altro Paradiso

Source : mercerhotel

Location: 234 Spring St

Reservation: Resy

Altro Paradiso restaurant in Soho that offers the Italian cuisine. The place has family family-friendly atmosphere with light and airy along with a marble bar and wood accents sitting area.

Best for the family as featured with different variety of menus from different regions of Italy.

19. Nom Wah Tea Parlor

Source : facebook

Location: 13 Doyers St

Reservation: Resy

Nom Wah Tea Parlor is a dim sum restaurant opened in the 1920s with a menu of tea, beer, and wine.  family friends restaurant where you can go with kids and have small plates of Cantonese-style dishes that taste best when shared together.

20. S'MAC East Village

Source : 5oneanalytics

Location: 197 1st Ave

Reservation: Yelp

If you are looking for a cheesy restaurant that is family-friendly with kids then  S'MAC East Village is a good choice to go with. It offers the option of gluten-free where chefs create custom dishes according to kids' and parents' choice.

The restaurant is famous for its dish Marconi, cheese and pasta which is mostly liked by kids.

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