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QB Josh Allen Parents: Joel Allen and Lavonne Allen - Five Interesting Facts

By Sushal Pokharel | October 17, 2022 11:11 AM

Josh Allen's parents Joel Allen and Lavonne Allenare big supporters of Josh and his siblings, Nicala Allen, Makenna Allen, and Jason Allen
Josh Allen's parents Joel Allen and Lavonne Allenare big supporters of Josh and his siblings, Nicala Allen, Makenna Allen, and Jason Allen( Source : instagram )

The QB, Josh Allen's parents, are Joel Allen and Lavonne Allen. Allen belongs to a supportive, close-knit family.

The player was welcomed on May 21, 1996, with the name Joshua Patrick Allen. He is renowned as an American football quarterback for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League(NFL).

Josh was destined to be an athlete as he was exposed to sports at a very young age by his parents. In short, he grew up in a sports-theme household.

Not only he, but Josh Allen's siblings, Nicola Allen, Makenna Allen, and Jason Allen, also share a similar interest in sports.

Allen is currently in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend, Brittany Williams. Josh Allen's girlfriend is a Fresno State Bulldogs cheerleader and current Pilates instructor.

Brittany, Josh Allen's girlfriend, and Josh met at eight and grew up in central California together.

The sweet couple has been in a relationship since 2015.Also, they ended up enrolling in the same high school.

The athlete's old Twitter posts using racial and homophobic slurs in high school were brought up on draft day.

For a moment, it was a big mistake for an upcoming professional player. But he apologized, saying it was a young and dumb mistake by him at a young age.

Moreover, His professional career started by signing a four-year contract with the bills, including a fully guaranteed $21 million on July 25.

Despite being a professional athlete, Josh is a spokesperson for the John R. Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo.

Despite being an American professional football quarterback, Allen shows interest in golf. He is an avid golfer, which is one of his favorite activities. 

Here is a piece of quick information about professional football quarterback Josh Allen.

Quick profile of Josh Allen

Born nameJoshua Patrick Allen
Date of birthMay 21, 1996
FatherJoel Allen
MotherLavonne Allen
SiblingsNicala Allen, Makenna Allen, and Jason Allen
CareerFootball quarterback

Let's learn more facts about Josh Allen's family through this article.

Josh Allen's Parents Are His Biggest Supporter And Motivation

The player was born to his father Joel Allen, and his mom Lavonne Allen in Firebaugh, California. Both of his parents are enthusiastic about sports.

Josh says his father is his biggest role model, and his mother is the rock of his family. Both Allen's parents are very supportive. 

Also, we got to know that his dad was so proud of being drafted by Buffalo Bills that he sent a special video message just moments after being drafted by the Buffalo Bills.

Josh states that he was motivated by his father seeing him wake up super early when the sun wasn't even out and then returning home after the sun was set.

Josh Allen, Nicala Allen, Makenna Allen, and Jason Allen  were born to Joel Allen, and  Lavonne Allen
Josh Allen, Nicala Allen, Makenna Allen, and Jason Allen were born to Joel Allen, and Lavonne Allen( Source : instagram )

Josh Allen's father was a selfless man who worked his tail off to provide for our family and did a great job, according to him.  Also, he thinks if he were half his dad, He would be all right in this world.

Allen also used to help out at his mom’s restaurant during lunch hours to reduce the workload on their mom; he and his brother Jason used to wash dishes at the restaurant without any pay. 

Josh also got a lesson about hard work from his mother. Allen turned out to be a role model because of his understanding, beautiful and humble childhood.

His parents even built their house like a kid's paradise out there in the country with a lot of different activities to do, like having a basketball court, a sand beach volleyball court, and a batting cage.

All of his siblings, including him, got an interest in sports since they were introduced to the sport at a very young age. The promising player was destined to have such supportive parents.

Josh Allen's Family Is Originally From Sweden: They Own a Farm

Allen's family originally belongs from Sweden.  In 1907, Josh's great-grandfather emigrated from Sweden. Thus, ever since  Allen's family started residing in California.

Arvid "Swede" Allen, Josh's great grandfather migrated to Ellis Island in 1907 and became a resident of Firebaugh during the great depression.

Later on in 1975, his son, Josh's grandfather A.E. "Buzz" Allen started a family farm despite being a local school board member and civic leader.

Also, the high school gymnasium is named the same as his name in his honor. Josh used to help his father and uncle on the farm during his childhood.

Josh Allen's uncle, Todd Allen, and his father Joel Allen are the third-generation farmers of the Allen family.

Josh Allen and his brother Jason Allen are the fourth generation of the family farm, the Allen Ranch
Josh Allen and his brother Jason Allen are the fourth generation of the family farm, the Allen Ranch( Source : instagram )

Josh Allen's father says, Josh would be the fourth generation, but he doesn't think that he would come back to the farm as it would be hard to manage.

However, Josh and his siblings grew up on the thousands of acres of alfalfa, pistachios, and almond groves that line the road to the ranch.

The backdrop of a coastal mountain range is the farm where Joel Allen and Todd Allen grow nearly about 3,000 acres of Pima cotton, cantaloupes, and wheat.

At present, the star player has invested in his family's farm named the Allen Ranch with the plan of planting and cultivating 1,000 hectares (equal to 2,500 acres) of pistachio trees over the next decade.

Additionally, the brand name for the pistachios is still not decided and is under consideration. However, Josh jokes, and he could name them "Josh's Nuts".

Joel Allen And Lavonne Allen Have Four Children

Josh Allen's siblings are Makenna Allen, Nicala Allen Madden, and Jason Allen. Four of them were born to Joel Allen And Lavonne Allen.

The promising player has a strong bond with his siblings. Makenna Allen, Josh Allen's baby sister is a multitalented athlete who plays volleyball, basketball, and softball at a professional level.

However, Makenna seems to prefer basketball over other games. Josh has two sisters, the eldest sister and the eldest sibling Nicala Allen Madden.

Madden is currently married to Brayden Madden, who was her long-term boyfriend. On July 10, 2021, The adorable couple had a destination wedding in the presence of a few family and friends.

Josh's eldest sister was overjoyed and excited, saying no one was more deserving when her brother Josh Allen signed a $250 million contract with Buffalo Bills.

Josh Allen has a close bond with his siblings Makenna Allen, Nicala Allen Madden, and Jason Allen
Josh Allen has a close bond with his siblings Makenna Allen, Nicala Allen Madden, and Jason Allen( Source : instagram )

The football legend is also the elder brother of Jason Allen, who has the same perspective on life as his brother. Both of them look alike as unidentical twins however, Josh is one year more senior than his youngest brother.

Jason is the second youngest of the Allen family. He earned a degree in Agriculture Business and attended Saddleback Community College, located in Viejo, California.

Josh's brother is working hard to pursue baseball as his career. He is also a baseball player at Saddleback Community College nourishing his skills.

He was looking out after a family farm for a certain time. Rumor says he is married to his long-term girlfriend, Delani Allen, on April 2, 2021, whom he started dating back in September of 2015.

Joel Allen, Josh Allen's Father Was The One To Sing National Anthem Before The Wyoming Football Game

Josh Allen was enrolled at the University of Wyoming (2015-2017) in his two seasons as a starter.

He started playing football at the same university, he attempted only four passes in his first career before suffering a broken collarbone which ended his season.

He was the one to lead the Cowboys to two consecutive eight-win seasons and two consecutive bowl appearances.

The legend player is a native of Firebaugh, California and his family made the trip to Los Angeles to watch the Bills vs. Rams season opener.

After the injury, In 2016, Allen returned from the injury as Wyoming's starter.  Josh Allen's parents, Joel and Lavonne Allen appeared at Friday night's University of Wyoming game against Air Force in Laramie.

Unexpectedly, Josh Allen's father, Joel Allen gave a surprise appearance as a singer. He was the one to sing the National Anthem.

Both parents of the star player were on Allen's no 17 Bill's attire. They walked out to midfield prior to kickoff where Joel surprised others singing in front of a packed house at War Memorial Stadium. 

There was not a big fanfare announcement about Joel singing the national anthem. However, the school revealed Allen's presence on Thursday. 
Talking about the game, Wyoming had a 17-14 victory giving playing their best game of the season. 

Josh Allen's Parents Were In Battle With Covid-19

Josh Allen's father, Joel Allen had a hard time being hospitalized. He was in battle with Covid-19 and pneumonia.

Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen has to isolate himself from the family during the recovery of his father. 

Josh Allen's motivation is his parents, Lavone Allen and Joel Allen
Josh Allen's motivation is his parents, Lavone Allen and Joel Allen( Source : instagram )

Not only his father, but Allen also said that his mother and siblings had also tested positive and are recovering gradually. 

On Monday, in a video call, Allen told reporters that it was not a matter to joke around.

His family is doing their duty, being isolated as they should for a quick recovery.

Under this situation, traveling to any of the Bills' playoff games was not possible.

His mother, LaVonne Allen, his uncle Todd and his sisters appeared in Kansas City for Sunday's AFC championship game against the Chiefs.