20 Cute Picture Day Hairstyles For Young Girls

By Sapana Bishwakarma | 12 September 2023 09:00 AM

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Like most parents, you may want your kid to look their best and have the most fantastic hairstyle on the occasion of picture day. But you don't have to get up extra early just to make sure your child has the perfect hairstyle.

Numerous trendy haircuts can be completed in just a few minutes, sometimes even fewer. Finding the cutest look doesn't have to be complicated. There are cheerful knots for short, wavy hair and gorgeous side-combed styles. In this article, we have mentioned 20 cute picture-day hairstyles for young girls.

1. Space Buns

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Your little girl will look so adorable with space buns. There is no reason not to use them for a cute picture-day hairstyle.

To make space buns, you have to simply comb hair all the way through and part it in the middle. Then, make two ponytails at the top and to the sides of the head. These hairstyle looks are perfect for casual, playful, and trendy dresses. Your little girl even can go to school with this hairstyle.

2. Bob with Bangs

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Bob with bangs is a shorter bob with a graduated layer at the back to create volume. These hairstyles suit different fringe types to match any shape.

This style will surely bring elegance to your young child. If you want a classical style, it's ideal for your little one with short, straight hair. If you want to frame the face, request a bob haircut. An adorable aspect will be added by the bangs. 

3. High Buns

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The term bun refers to a particular form of hairstyle. It involves the ponytail being pushed backward toward the face, knotted or twisted, and then rolled in a circular coil around itself. 

Generally, a high bun is on the top at the back of the head, or just above the neck. A ponytail attaches, bobby pins, one or more hair rubber, a hairnet, a pen, or a pencil can be used to hola a bun in place. Another option is to wrap hair around a rat shaped object.

4. Braided Pigtails

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Braided pigtails are another adorable picture-day hairdo for little girls. They are more attractive than short dreadlocks and even appear adorable on young girls wearing glasses.

Such a beautiful and simple braided hairdo for school is also inspired by pigtails. Simply, create a center part in your hair and add a little hairspray to manage loose hairs. It is as simple as dividing your little one's hair into two equal pieces and braiding each one with three pieces.

5. Sectioned Pigtails

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Take enjoying sectioned pigtails as an alternative if you are thinking about obtaining one of these loyal pigtail' hairstyles. You can add thick hair into different sections and move forward by tying them with rubber.

So, what are you waiting for? Make picture-day hairstyles for your young girl with extremely thick hair samples by creating two high pigtails sectioning them off with colorful hair ties, and combing in a middle part.

6. Half Pigtails

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Long hair looks wonderful in this enthusiastic hairdo. To achieve this style, separate hair in the middle from your young girl's hairline all the way down to your nape, dividing it into two equal parts. Utilizing hair ties secure each part over the ear on each side of your little one's head.

Simply say, if you have a bob or lob, all you need to do is separate the top half of your little one's hair into two portions and then knot these sections into pigtails. If you want to keep hair off her face, it's also a clever hair hack.

7. Wavy Half Updo

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Make this lavish half-do for tiny girls if you are the parents who don't mind spending a little extra time in the morning styling your daughter's hair. It has stunning long spiral waves and a half-bun. Even better, add some braids or crimp the hair.

Additionally, this look is extremely wonderful, and appropriate for both your evening occasions and daily activities as well.

8. Flowered Headband

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Even though long waves or spiral curls are lovely on their own, you can dress them up even more for a picture-perfect day hairstyle by adding a flower headband in a brightly colored addition such as white.

In addition, they are just a cute way to give your baby's clothes a fashionable touch. There are many different designs of headbands, so you can pick one that will make your youngsters seem lovely.

9. Crown Braid with Ribbon

Source : babesinhairland

Wrap any type of ribbon especially pink through a crown braid to dress it up in a distinctive style that no one else will have on picture day. Fasten the back by coiling it into a complex rose shape.

This hairdo is also ideal for important occasions like weddings or school. Having short hair cutting does not have to be challenging just try this crown braid for your young girl's tiny short hair to easily create a colorful, creative look.

10. Side Dutch Braids

Source : cutegirlshairstyles

These two side Dutch braids that are generated into a low bun are a lovely look to try when you have extra time in the morning. The princess-like look of braids will appeal to young girls.

This hairstyle is for your young ones if you like a more refined and defined look for them. Besides that, the French braid also will be the best choice if you're looking for a less complicated, understated hairdo.

11. Side Ponytail

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Little girl's side ponytails require very little effort. Medium-length hair can be pulled back into a ponytail at the side of the head and fastened with a bright ribbon.

Baby bangs can be brushed down to soften the trend. In addition, the side pony with an elaborate braid is also a fashionable and pretty hairdo. It lends a hint of stylishness and feminity. Try this new look, which consists of a huge side ponytail and little braids. For volume and fascination, braids of varying sizes can be used.

12. Crown Braid

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Not only are older women able to wear elegant hairstyles. Crown braids for young girls showcase their long, thick hair and make them look utterly gorgeous. Before taking shots, loosely pull it apart to thicken it up.

Overall, crown braid are a particular style of French braid that forms a half-moon shape around the head just above the brow.

13. Waterfall Braid

Source : babesinhairland

The waterfall braids are the braided hairstyle that would best represent simplicity and elegance. One of the easiest and most elegant braided styles available, these braids lend an injection of development to any plain hairstyle.

You might choose to create a straightforward waterfall braid on the sides with the ideal parting in the center for your daughter's yearbook photo. Allow the rest of her hair to flow naturally, and if you wish, add some waves to the length. The final product will be just as stunning as the one in this image.

14. Bubble Braids

Source : hairstylecamp

You might find some of the braided hairstyles a little challenging to do correctly. In that scenario, choosing bubble braids is always a simple method to get a dazzling style. And we can assure you that your daughter will enjoy wearing the bubbles on the day of the picture.

You can attempt the bubble braid pigtails on your children's hair to give it that playful feel, even if a single bubble braid is just as lovely. If her natural hair is dark, be sure to select light-colored rubber bands because they will give the hairstyle a playful touch.

15. Braided Bun

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If your child already has a protective braided hairstyle on picture day, one of the most beautiful ways to wear it is to make a bun out of it. Give it a shot, it's simple to do and quite stunning.

If you want to give the outfit a little touch of elegance, go for braiding hair in blonde or brown. Combine several braiding techniques, such as Dutch and dreadlocks, and make sure to create a correct top bun like the one in this image.

16. Fancy Curl

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If you want to keep things very basic, just straightening or curling your little one's hair that can accomplish the trick wonderfully. Braids undoubtedly give that extravagance to your child's picture book haircut.

It will albo be easier to keep things simple yet stylish if you add huge, strong curls. This specific hairstyle will be the ideal choice for her if she has previously used highlights. The ideal choice for your photo day will be this particular haircut. 

17. Side Braid

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We offer a solution for you if your daughter wants to seem nice but you are unsure of how to do it without adding complicated hairstyles. Try this side-braided look with a slight twist. you are going to look incredibly glitzy, we promise.

Those who have naturally long hair will love this hairstyle for sure! Simply create a twisted style on the side and braid it down from the nape of the neck. This hairdo will look fantastic in your daughter's yearbook if you remove a few strands from the sides to give it a sloppy feel.

18. Side-Part Half-Up Pigtails Buns

Source : justsimplymom

Tie your little girl's hair up in this creative style, as if you are making high pigtails. But stop when your hair forms a but rather than pulling it all the way through her hair tie.

Your daughter will prefer these lovely half-up, half-up pigtails by adding two little buns at the beginning of two small bubble ponies. Add two adorable bows to finish it off, and you're done!

19. Headband Braid

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Headband for a final look, place a braid across the top area of your young girl's hair and add some gentle curls. This simple style may be swiftly changed into a sophisticated look that is perfect for a picture day or any event by adding curls and a headband style.

A loose thick braid can fall out if she has thick hair, especially if it is braided. To make it truly stand out, add a flower or some leaves.

20. Reverse French Braid

Source : cala-99

French braid is a type of braided hairstyle. While making a French-braid, all the hair should be divided into three sections and initially gathered together near the scalp.

It starts with three small sections of hair near the crown of the head and then braided together toward the nape of the neck by adding more hair to each section as it crosses from the side into the center of the braid structure. This look will feature to sit on the top of the rest of your hair.

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