Al Pacino Baby Mother Noor Alfallah Family and Net Worth Disclosed

By Unnati Bhattarai | 1 June 2023 07:38 AM

Noor (right) with her mother Alana Setlin (middle) and her younger sibling Remi Alfallah (left) dressed in a matching black outfit.
Source : instagram

Noor Alfallah family includes her parents Alana Setlin and Falah N Al-Falah along with her three siblings. Noor is expecting a child with actor Al Pacino.

Alfallah is a Kuwati-American model and film producer. She is also best known as the partner and soon-to-be baby mama of American actor Al Pacino. Noor and Pacino will welcome the actor's fourth child later this month making Al Pacino one of the oldest celebrities to become a father at 83.

Noor is a graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts where she studied film production during her undergraduate years. She attended the University of California for her master's degree in film and television production.

She has four credits for film production on her IMDb profile, which includes the upcoming film Billy Knight, where she is an executive producer. Noor also works as a vice president for Lynda Obst Productions at Sony.

Other notable celebrities to graduate from the University of Southern California are Bradley Steven Perry, Riley Flynn, and Autumn Chiklis, among others. 

Noor Alfallah Parents Are Together Since 1987

Noor Alfallah family includes her parents Alana Setlin and Falah N Al-Falah. Alana is an American and her father Falah is a Kuwaiti.

Her mom and dad have been together at least since 1987. The model shared an Instagram post to mark the 32nd anniversary of her parents exchanging friendship ring back in 1987. 

Alana and Falah dated for nearly four years before tying the knot on December 18, 1991. Noor shared an Instagram post to mark the 25th wedding anniversary of her parents in 2016.

Noor Alfallah father Falah Alfallah is the president of Q8 Capital Inc based in Beverly Hills, California. Q8 Capital Inc deals with investment and has been operating for 14 years now and generates nearly half a million dollars in revenue every year, according to Meaww.

Her mother Alana is found on Instagram with her username @asetlin where she has shared 119 posts with her 140 followers, unfortunately, Alana's posts are only visible to her followers as she has kept her account private.

Noor Alfallah father Falah N Al-Falah and her mother Alana Setlin enjoy a romantic dinner for their 25th wedding anniversary in 2016.
Source : instagram

Noor Alfallah Family Net Worth

Noor Alfallah family net worth is around the $5 million mark.

According to Distractify, Noor alone has a fortune of over $3 million with her successful career as a film and television producer. Her fortune is estimated to rise significantly with her latest boost in fame.

Moreover, her father's career as a President of Q8 Capital Inc bringing nearly half a million dollars in revenue yearly might have earned him a comfortable $2 million in the past 14 years of business.

Although the rest of the members of the Alfallah brood are also very successful personalities in their respective careers, they are yet to speak about their fortune.

Noor Alfallah Has Three Siblings

Noor Alfallah siblings are Remi Alfallah, Sophia Alfallah, and Nasser Al Falah. Noor has two sisters and one brother.

Remi Alfallah

Remi Alfallah is the 26-year-old younger sister of Noor Alfallah. 

Noor Alfallah (left) and her sibling Remi Alfallah (right) take a mirror selfie while holding a phone with a purple case.
Source : instagram

Remi was born on December 4, 1996, in the United States of America. She shared a photo dump from her birthday week on her Instagram account in mid-December this year.

She is in the spotlight after her elder sister Noor shared the news of expecting a baby with Al Pacino recently, but this is not the first time she has made headlines. According to New York Post, Remi was spotted with the late Michael Jackson's son Prince Jackson multiple times in 2013, both were 16 years old.

Remi also made headlines after she and her sister Noor entered a deal with Imagine Entertainment in 2021, according to Deadline. Furthermore, she also worked on Saturday Night Live with Lorne Michaels as her first assistant.

Noor and Remi appear to be very close to one another as they are often seen sharing frames on social media. Remi is found on Instagram with her username @remialfalah and has over 12.7k followers.

Sophia Alfallah

Sophia Alfallah is the youngest of the Alfallah siblings.

Sophia Alfallah (right) with her eldest sibling Noor Alfallah (left).
Source : instagram

Sophia was born on July 22, 2006, making her 16 years old as of June 2023. She will turn 17 years old on coming July 22.

She is found on Instagram with her username @sophiaalfallah, where she boasts 4.3k followers and has shared only 9 posts so far. She also has a secondary Instagram account with the username @filmby_sophia.

Noor Alfallah sister Sophia appears to be a photography enthusiast and often shares retro photographs on her secondary account. She also makes plenty of appearances on her older sibling's account but has kept her life comparatively low-key as compared to Noor and Remi.

Nasser Falah

Nasser Alfalah is the only brother among the four Alfalah siblings.

He is older than Sophia but younger than Noor and Remi, Nasser celebrates his birthday on October 7 every year but he has not shared his actual age on the web yet. 

He is found on Instagram with his username @nassmoney where he boasts over 14.8k followers and has shared two posts so far. Unfortunately, his posts are only visible to his followers as Noor's younger brother has kept his social media account private.

Furthermore, he is the most private among the four siblings. He does not make many appearances through his sister's accounts or share anything about himself on the web.

Noor And Al Pacino Started Dating In 2020

Noor and Al Pacino started dating in 2020 during the pandemic and lockdown. Noor is expecting Al Pacino's fourth child later this month.

Al Pacino Baby Mother Noor Alfallah is making headlines due to the massive age gap between the pair. The two are 54 years apart, with Al being 83 and Noor just 29.

Once Noor welcomes her first child, and number four for the American actor, Al will become one of the oldest people to become a father at the age of 83 years old. He probably will become the oldest celebrity ever to welcome a child.

Al Pacino and his pregnant girlfriend Noor Alfallah spotted in public together.
Source : twitter

The pair started dating during the pandemic way back in 2020 and got comfortable super quickly. A source said they got comfortable quickly and their massive 54 years of age difference does not seem to be a problem, according to PageSix.

However, they were spotted together in public for the first time in April 2022, when the pair went out for a romantic dinner. The Godfather actor and Noor were seen attending an Art Gallery opening together in the images shared by Jason Momoa on his Instagram account.

Prior to dating Al Pacino, Noor was in a relationship with Mick Jagger and Nicholas Berggruen.