What Is My So Called High School Rank About? Plot Review and Movie Trailer

By Lasta Bajracharya | November 29, 2022 04:38 PM

My So-Called High School Rank is a documentary based on the musical Ranked
My So-Called High School Rank is a documentary based on the musical Ranked( Source : rottentomatoes )

The new HBO documentary movie My So-Called High School Rank is about stressed high school students starring in a musical.

The director of the movie is Ricki Stern. Stern has been working as a director, producer, and writer for many years. She has directed movies such as In My Father's House, A Radical Life, The End of America, and many more. The movie was also directed by Annie Sundberg who is known for directing Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, The Trials of Darryl Hunt, and In My Father's House, among others.

The other producers of the movie are Tina Nguyen, Ricki Stern, and Anne Sunberg. Nancy Abraham is the executive producer who has produced various movies and TV series like Endangered, Spring Awakening: Those You've Known, How to Survive a Pandemic, The Vow, George Carlin's American Dream, and others. 

The movie is created by the musical theater production at Granite Bay High School in Sacramento where the students have constant pressure to achieve a top rank in every aspect of their lives to the fierce college admission process. 

The film shows teenagers' mental stress and challenges and touches upon the social and economic pressure put on the country's youth. It also discusses the similarities and resilience that tie people across racial divides. 

What Is My So-Called High School Rank About? Plot

My So-Called High School Rank is about the students facing pressure on the school at Granite Bay High School, in Sacramento, California. 

The movie deepens into the lives of high school students of different communities as they find pressures around colleges while staging a musical. 

The students of the high school are based on a rank system in the Granite High School. The movie is all about how far the students and their parents are willing to go for their academics and future. The high school students are divided into three communities that are trying to find their future and the pressure of college. 

The students of the high school spend their time creating a musical from their own experience as talented but anxious students that are all focused on getting into the top schools. The musical named Ranked premiered weeks before the college admissions scandal of 2019.

There was a huge scandal based on a college bribe scandal where charges were made against Rick Singer, the mastermind. The world related to the musical spread across the country and different schools reached out to stage the musical with their students. 

The HBO Max film shows the story of the journey of Ranked, the musical and economic, and racial dividing of the people of this generation. 

The movie is based on the actual life of the students of Granite Bay High School in Granite Bay, California. The drama teacher Kyle Holmes and David Taylor Gomes, the musical director of the students asked the students in 2018, two questions: what mattered most to them and what they don't see being portrayed on stage. 

Kyle Holmes, the creator of the musical Ranked
Kyle Holmes, the creator of the musical Ranked ( Source : m )

The students replied by saying that they were stressed, and feel like drowning and no one was going to save them. The children were stressed about college and did not want to be a failure. After their talk with the teachers, Ranked was made and premiered investigating the ways how students manage stress and their impact on their lives. 

As in the movie, the musical was shown and recreated in more than 50 schools. The film is based on the musical, its successes, and the personal story of the students. The students have been feeling pressurized over the years for their academics and not wanting to be a failure. The film shows how creativity can be a way to fight against students' stress and mental health. 

My So-Called High School Rank Release Date

My So-Called High School Rank is the original HBO documentary released on November 29, 2022.

The film, directed by Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, is released on a Tuesday from 9:00-10:45 p.m. ET/ PT on HBO and will be available to stream on HBO Max on the twenty-ninth of November. The film is about one hour and forty-five minutes long. 

A Cast Member of My So-Called High School Rank
A Cast Member of My So-Called High School Rank ( Source : rottentomatoes )

The documentary, My So-Called High School Rank shows the success of the musical Ranked and is the first step for the creator's to realize the seriousness of the issues and stress shown in the musical. 

My So-Called High School Rank Trailer

The trailer of the documentary movie was released on November 10, 2022, on the official channel of HBO. 

The trailer was posted nineteen days before the premiere of the movie on the HBO channel. The trailer starts with the narrator talking about the suffocation students feel when everyone tells them to be the best. The pressure of their class rank, a 4.0 GPA not being enough, and where they go to college have caused stress. 

Holmes wanted to amplify whatever the students were telling along with the team while making Ranked. In Granite Bay high school, everyone can see what rank they are because of the technology which has made them miserable. A good GPA is simply not enough, the students have to balance drama and sports teams as well as the National Honors Society. 

The musical created a path for the parents to know about their children's stress and pressure because they did not know before and the show became a conversation starter. However, when Covid-19 hit, they could not go on making shows in New York, and West Virginia. They went online with the help of zoom and other platforms and kept up their musicals. The show is said to be a wake-up call for everyone.