How Old Are The Most Beautiful Twins In The World?

By Alisha Dotel | 5 June 2023 02:47 AM

The Clements twins post their picture on 16 May 2023
Source : instagram

The most beautiful Clement twins in the world are 13 years old as of 2023. Leah and Ava were given the prettiest title by various media outlets.

Their actual names are Leah Rose Clements and Ava Marie Clements, but they are affectionately known as the Clements twins. They are American models and social media personalities who are identical twins.

The Clements twins are two of the most renowned and successful child models on Instagram. After they created an Instagram account in their name they became social media sensations. Since then, they have become a representation of what people love about twins.

Their mesmerizing blue eyes, flawless complexations, and blonde hair make them a true vision of loveliness. They give an undeniable look and style as they smile and pose for the camera which attracts thousands of people.

People admire their beauty, grace, and unique sense of style. They have become an inspiration for many people around the world. Overall, they are a true validation of the power of grace and beauty. Truly, they are a remarkable pair of twins that will surely capture the hearts of millions of people in the upcoming days as well.

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How Old Are The Clements Twins 2023

The Clement Twins Leah Clement and Ava Clement are thirteen years old in 2023. The Clements were born on 7th July 2010 in Orange County, California, USA.

They were born to the parents Kevin Clements and Jaqi Clements. At the age of seven, their mom took the advice of some friends and created an Instagram account in their name.

Clements twins posing infront of camera in the new outfit that has been launched in their boutiques
Source : instagram

Similarly, they were raised to fame after they started sharing their pictures in 2017. They started their career in modeling at the age of seven when their parents signed up with two modeling agencies.

The twins celebrate their birthday on 7th July 2020. From a young age, they have been running throughout their career and pursuing their dreams.

Most Beautiful Twins In The World Grown Up

Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clement are not just pretty kids anymore. They have collaborated with different fashion brands and have even modeled for some.

They have been posting on Instagram since 2010 and have gained much popularity in recent years of their fashion and beauty posts. They are recently still active on Instagram and have two million followers.

Leah Rose and Ava Marie in 2015
Source : instagram

Most Beautiful Twins In The World Then And Now

By looking at their past photos, it's evident how much they have matured over the years.

However, their blonde hair and dazzling smiles remain as captivating as ever, and they continue to inspire many with their fashion-forward looks and positive attitudes.

They got famed in 2017 after they had their pictures in some of the outfits of their mother's friend's fashion store. The girls have become a symbol of what people appreciate about twins.

Now, they are modeling for top American brands. The siblings are now winning contracts with children's clothing brands and magazines including La Petite Magazine, Brazilian Harper's Bazaar, and so on.

There are various brands that they have worked on and some of them are:

  • Disney
  • Janie and Jack
  • American Girl
  • Nike
  • Lands End
  • Skechers
  • Hurley
  • Mattel and many more.

Leah Rose and Ava Marie picture captured by the butterfly photography
Source : instagram

Apart from their modeling career, they are also interested in dance and sports. They have taken part in gymnastics competitions, and Leah is especially passionate about soccer.

The pair have developed KAVEAH, a clothing brand for other teens like them who wanted that laid-back luxe type of look. They introduced their brand in late 2022 and already have 30 boutiques across the US.

Their Instagram page is filled with adorable photos and snapshots showcasing their unique style and personalities. Currently, on 1st May they have done the photoshoot for the brand named JOYFOLIE wearing the pink gown. Likewise, on 29th March they had done the photoshoot in an amazing dress of Guadalupe design.

Along with their career, they have moved on with their education together as well. Their parents take responsibility for organizing their schedules.

What Happened To The Clements Twins Dad?

The Clements twins father Kevin Clements was diagnosed with both Lymphoma and Leukemia in 2019. The pair asked their followers on Instagram to help them to save their dad.

Kevin is the proud, supportive and loving dad of Ava and Leah. He has been by his children's side on every journey of them and is famous on social media.

The portrait of the Clement family when they had their vacation on 29 September 2020
Source : instagram

As a father, he has always encouraged his children to pursue their passions and live life to the fullest. He is proud of their career and also equally thinks about their education and makes sure of balanced it in their life.

He often shares stunning pictures with a heartwarming message on his social media handle. 

What Happened To Kevin Clements?

Kevin needed a bone marrow transplant after his diagnosis. Thousands of people around the country responded to a call to find a bone marrow that match him. 

Finally, the match was found in their own home with Kevin's brother Chris. Chris was more than willing to help the family. Chris had once said that All he have to do is lay in bed for four hours and he saves his life. And, he also adds that he will do anything for him.

The transplant took place at the City of Hope National Medical Center in Duarte. Later three weeks of his treatment, he was cleared to leave the hospital.

During his treatment, he has shared many posts on his Instagram. On 7 December 2019, he posted his picture of himself bald where he shared that he was not able to open his eyes for two days due to severe dry eye from chemo.

Kevin Clement picture after seven days of transplant treatment
Source : instagram

On Christmas, 13 December 2019, he arrived first day home after 2 weeks in the hospital. Then he shared each and every moment with his family which he loved to do.

Meanwhile, on 15 January 2020, all the family were super excited about of PET scan results which were negative, a scan which was done to check cancer. It was a great sign going into his transplant on 1/17.

There he posted a picture on 16 January 2020 that unfortunately, he came down with a cough so now his treatment was moved to 1/24. On 21 January 2020 he was diagnosed with lymphoma and leukemia he started a no-sugar, plant-based diet.

Similarly, on 30 January 2020, he got his arm wrapped up so he don't get his PICC line wet, black and blue eyes from passing out during his first radiation treatment, marks on his chest to align the led lung blockers during radiation, and his port. Still, battles every day and feels inspired by others on his floor.

On 3rd February 2020, he shared a picture of himself giving the details regarding his treatment. He mentioned that he received about 5 million stem cells from his brother.

Additionally, he explained the struggle and the rough days he shared in those days, dealing with heavy fatigue, nausea, and muscle aches. He thanks each and every member who had supported him throughout his journey. He feels blessed to have a new start in life.

25 February 2020 This day has been a nightmare for Kevin and his family as his blood levels had dropped a bit, then had an allergic reaction to his platelet transfusion so the medical personnel gave him some Benadryl and steroids to calm it down.

Kevin officially announced through his Instagram account on 19 May 2020 that he is cancer free from leukemia and lymphoma. Slowly, he started taking the Puri-T Liver Support Vitamins to feel more energy throughout the day, and another vitamin for getting him back on track-NeuroQ for boosting cognitive performance. 

With time passes away he has recovered day by day and is enjoying his amazing days with his family members. He has been back in his daily routine and has been a support system for his family.

Now over three years of his bone marrow transplant he had given updates about his health through his Instagram account on 17th April that his checkup was great and the blood work well in his body but he still has some gvhd in his mouth.