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Monster High Dolls Names And Pictures

By Priyadarshi Nepal | May 23, 2023 08:40 AM

(Top L-R) Chucky and Tiffany and Treesa Thornwillow, (Bottom L-R) Greta Gremlin and Howleen Wolf are some dolls from Monster High.
(Top L-R) Chucky and Tiffany and Treesa Thornwillow, (Bottom L-R) Greta Gremlin and Howleen Wolf are some dolls from Monster High.( Source : thefamilynation )

Monster High Dolls names and pictures list includes Frankie Stein, Draculaura, and Cleo de Nile. Zomby Gaga is a Monster High Doll based on Lady Gaga.

The American Fashion Doll franchise is supported by animated films, short videos, and web series. The first batch of Dolls was released in 2010 making the franchise well-known and successful quickly.

The plot and backstory of the characters are based in the fictional North American town of New Salem. The teens and young adults of the franchise attend Monster High School, well known for allowing all species of monsters and mythical creatures to enroll.

The franchise started in the 2010s and has a variety of characters from different cultural backgrounds. 

The Monster High doll franchise became very popular among teens and young children as it was meant for children between 7 to 14 years old. 

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Monster High Dolls List In Order of Release Year

Name of DollRelease Year
1. Frankie Stein2010
2. Abbey Bominable2011
3. Howleen Wolf2012
4. Twyla Boogeyman2013
5. Avea Trotter2014
6. Amanita Nightshade2015
7. Ari Hauntington2016
8. Treesa Thornwillow2017
9. Alivia Stein2018
10. The Shining Grady Twins2020

Frankie Stein (2010)

Monster High Doll Frankie Stein was the highlight of the first edition released in 2010. Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein's Monster and his bride.

Frankie is among the original Dolls and Characters in Monster High Doll and the animated series franchise. She has a clumsy yet sweet and kind character in the series and diaries.

Frankie Stein doll seen with her prosthetic stitched legs and pale skin.
Frankie Stein doll seen with her prosthetic stitched legs and pale skin.( Source : amazon )

She is also the youngest character to start school at Monster High School at just 15 days old. Frankie has a strong belief that everyone's flaws make them unique. She is a very innocent character despite being a Frankenstein's Monster herself.

Frankie's physical appearance is characterized by light green skin and stitched limbs. She has a green right eye and a blue left eye making her appearance unique among other characters and dolls in the franchise. She has white hair with electric-bolt-like streaks.

She is powered by electricity and needs to be charged every night. Her powers include the manipulation of electricity and powering electrical devices at will. Her cybergenic limbs often fly off when she gets angry and tense.

Frankie Stein doll is available for purchase on Amazon and the price start as low as $17 and goes as high as $284. The doll is available for purchase at Mattel's website as well.

Other Monster High dolls released in 2010 includes:

  • Clawdeen Wolf
  • Cleo de Nile
  • Draculaura
  • Jackson Jekyll
  • Ghoulia Yelps
  • Holt Hyde
  • Lagoona Blue
  • Deuce Gorgon

Abbey Bominable (2011)

List of Monster High characters released in 2011 includes Abbey Bominable and Spectra Vondergeist. 

Abbey Bominable has a distinguished Russian accent and is the daughter of Yeti. In the book and short film series, Abbey is supposedly from Tibet but has lived in Russia since her creation and has cousins with Slavic names.

Abbey Bominable doll seen in her iconic fur-based clothing with her pet Shiver.
Abbey Bominable doll seen in her iconic fur-based clothing with her pet Shiver.( Source : amazon )

Bominable is a daughter of Yeti and has the ability to manipulate ice and psychokinesis. She also has the ability to create ice at will and most of her appearance incorporates ice or fur in her clothing as well.

Abbey has a pet Baby Wooly Mammoth named Shiver with blue skin and white fur. The character is in a relationship with Heath Burns and claims he can make her laugh as the reason for their lasting relationship.

During the school week, she lives with Headless Headmistress Bloodgood in the dairy and web series versions. However, in the 2022 live-action adaptation of the film, she is portrayed as Nepalese having lived in Mount Neverest and her mother speaks Nepali.

Abbey Bominable Monster High characters birthdays fall on December 14 every year. The Doll is available for purchase on Mattel and costs $24.99.

Other Dolls released in 2011 include:

  • Spectra Vondergeist
  • Gil Webber
  • C.A. Cupid

Howleen Wolf (2012)

Howleen Wolf was one of the new dolls released by the Monster High franchise in 2012. Howleen celebrates her birthday on December 21 every year.

Howleen Wolf is the youngest member of the Wolf Family. She is also the daughter of Werewolves and the younger sister of another Monster High character Clawdeen Wolf.

Howleen Wolf seen as part of the 13 Wish Collection complete with the Dairy and her pet.
Howleen Wolf seen as part of the 13 Wish Collection complete with the Dairy and her pet.( Source : amazon )

Despite being siblings Howleen has a drastically different appearance than her elder sister Clawdeen. Howleen is seen with pink hair, brown eyes, and wolf fangs. She also has brown skin like her sister and journalist including Ariella Papa argued whether cosplaying Howleen counts as Blackface.

She has a confident and cool character but can also be insecure and spiteful at times. She is also considered an underdog in the franchise by fans and critics. However, much information about her powers and abilities is not well known, she could have the same powers as her elder sister Clawdeen.

Howleen was the main character in the 2013 film special 13 Wishes made by the franchise. In the film, she gets a genie who grants her 13 wishes to help her turn her life around.

Howleen Wolf dolls are available for purchase on Amazon. Howleen Dolls also come in combi packs together with her sibling and other members of the Wolf family.

Other Dolls released by the franchise in 2012 are:

  • Operetta
  • Robecca Steam
  • Jinafire Long
  • Rochelle Goyle
  • Skelita Calaveras
  • Nefera de Nile
  • Venus McFlytrap

Twyla Boogeyman (2013)

Monster High Dolls released in 2013 includes Gigi Grant and Twyla Boogeyman. Twyla is the daughter of Boogey Man.

Twyla Boogeyman made her debut in the 2013 film 13 Wishes. She is the daughter of the monstrous creature Boogeyman and has a strong accent purple color in her appearance. She has purple skin, violet eyes, and mint green hair with purple highlights.

Twyla Boogeyman doll complete with her dairy, pet, and the black wand.
Twyla Boogeyman doll complete with her dairy, pet, and the black wand.( Source : twitter )

She is characterized as a shy personality and loves sleeping and hiding under people's beds. Twyla has the ability to enter people's minds and manipulate their dreams, she also has the ability to manipulate shadows.

Although the previous dairies, web series, or television specials do not associate Twyla with Autism, she is portrayed as autistic and sensitive to loud sounds in the 2022 live-action adaptation of the film. She loves hanging around in the library as it is both quiet and she loves reading books as well.

Twyla Boogeyman celebrates her birthday on October 01 every year. The doll is available for purchase on Amazon and starts at as low as $20 and goes all the way up to $164.

Other dolls and characters released in 2013 along with Twyla include:

  • Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavitch
  • Catty Noir
  • Catrine DeMew
  • Toralei Stripe
  • Wydowna Spider
  • Gigi Grant
  • BOO-Lu Cerone (Character Only)

Avea Trotter (2014)

Avea Trotter is a hybrid monster released in 2014. Avea is a hybrid daughter of a centaur father and a harpy mother.

Avea has a distinguished body from other monsters as she has an upper body of a human-like form sitting on top of a pony-like lower body. She has six limbs in total, two human-like hands in her upper body and four strong legs like a horse in her lower body.

Avea Trotter Doll seen in her Hybrid form wearing the iconic outfit.
Avea Trotter Doll seen in her Hybrid form wearing the iconic outfit.( Source : twitter )

She has a double-toned purple color body with black feathered wings that fade to green. Her upper body looks like that of a normal human being. Although she has a body of a pony, she does not like being ridden around.

Avea's dress includes a black hat, a red jacket, a black belt, a blue ruffled shirt, and leg warmers. She also has a belt chain running from her waist area all the way to her tail through her horse torso.

Information regarding Avea's superpowers and abilities is unknown but she transferred to Monster High School along with her other hybrid friends in 2014. Avea Trotter's birthday information has not come yet but she was 17 years old when first introduced in the franchise.

Avea Trotter dolls are available for purchase on Amazon and other websites. They range between $20 to $200 depending on the model and manufacturer.

Other Dolls released in 2014 by the Monster High franchise include:

  • Bonita Femur
  • Sirena Von Boo
  • Clawvenus
  • Cleolei
  • Dracubecca
  • Lagoonafire
  • Neighthan Rot
  • Kiyomi Haunterly
  • Porter “Paintergeist” Geiss
  • River Styxx
  • Vandala Doubloons
  • Lorna McNessie
  • Marisol Coxi
  • Invisi Billy

Amanita Nightshade (2015)

Monster High Dolls released in 2015 include Amanita Nightshade, Elle Eedee, and Batsy Claro. Amanita Nightshade is a plant-based character.

Amanita Nightshade was born from a seed of a corpse flower, unlike other monsters in the series who were either made or born from two animals or creatures. Amanita has purple hair and light green skin.

Amanita Nightshade doll covered in green skin and flower vines.
Amanita Nightshade doll covered in green skin and flower vines.( Source : twitter )

As a descendant of an extremely rare flower blooming only once in 1300 years, Amanita also blooms once in 1300 years and was given to De Nile when she came out for the first time. Nightshade is a toms-mate with the fellow character Cleo De Nile in the franchise.

Amanita is characterized as vain and she always wants to be the center of attraction. She also has the habit of "borrowing" other people's stuff and later disappearing along with the things she borrowed.

She has an ability to control people's actions and behavior by emitting pheromones but the control is limited. Her other abilities are not yet available along with her birthday.

Other dolls released in 2015 are:

  • Elle Eedee
  • Luna Mothews
  • Mouscedes King
  • Batsy Claro
  • Isi Dawndancer
  • Kjersti Trollson
  • Honey Swamp
  • Gooliope Jellington
  • Elissabat
  • Heath Burns
  • Scarah Screams
  • Jane Boolittle
  • Meowlody
  • Hissters Peri & Pearl Serpentine
  • Kala Mer’ri
  • Posea Reef
  • Iris Clops

Ari Hauntington (2016)

Ari Hauntington is one of the Monster High Dolls released by the franchise in 2016. Ari is the daughter of two generic ghosts.

Hauntington made her debut in the franchise with the 2016 film Welcome to Monster High. She speaks with an English accent making her somewhat unique among other dolls at the institution.

Ari Hauntington doll stands in front of a doll house.
Ari Hauntington doll stands in front of a doll house.( Source : twitter )

Ari has translucent pale white skin and pale grey eyes with purple hair. She has a bohemian style of clothing on for the most part but is occasionally seen wearing other types of clothes while included in special packaging or editions.

Huntington is a pop singer and inspires all other monsters to be themself through her songs. She also expresses herself through her songs while taking on her stage persona.

As a ghost, Ari has the ability to float and intangibility. She can float through solid walls but also can convert her body to be solid and take more of a human appearance at will.

Monster High released the highest number of dolls, accessories, re-issues, and other collectibles in 2016. In total Monter High released 241 items that year.

Other dolls released in 2016 are:

  • Silva Timberwolf
  • Djinni “Whisp” Grant
  • Zomby Gaga
  • Dayna Treasura Jones
  • Gillington “Gil” Webber
  • Voltageous
  • Moanica D’Kay
  • Meadoe Flurry
  • Merry Trotabout

Treesa Thornwillow (2017)

Monster High Dolls 2017 release includes Treesa Thornwillow, Beetrice, and Wingrid. Garden Ghouls were introduced as dolls in 2017 by the franchise.

Treesa Thornwillow is another Plant monster introduced by the Monster High franchise. Treesa is the older sister of another plant monster Thorna Thornwillow. The two siblings have dedicated their lives to protecting a single garden and living together.

Treesa Thornwillow seen with her woody body and branches coming out of her limbs.
Treesa Thornwillow seen with her woody body and branches coming out of her limbs.( Source : twitter )

As a plant monster, Treea has a brown hue in her body which is made of wood. She also has a grainy texture running all around her body as well. She has long windy arms and numerous branches coming out of her limbs, her lean legs can also take the shape of a tree at will. She mixes well in the garden with other plants.

Treesa is very calm in nature and dedicated to saving and nurturing nature. She loves nature and plants as a tree and has dedicated her life to protecting a garden against other threats. Treesa is also satisfied with her life and does not have intentions of changing in the future.

Treesa's dolls are in limited availability in the market and it goes for over $84 on Amazon. However, the stocks are limited and might be sold out very soon.

Other dolls released in 2017 including Garden Ghouls are:

  • Beetrice
  • Lumina
  • Wingrid
  • Fangelica
  • Pawla Wolf
  • Ebbie Blue
  • Pharrah de Nile
  • Sandy de Nile

Alivia Stein (2018)

Monster High Dolls 2018 original release includes Alivia Stein. The Monster Family collection was introduced in 2018 by the franchise.

Alivia Stein is the younger sister of the original Monster High character Frankie Stein. She is also the daughter of Frankenstein's Monster and his bride. Alivia's physical appearance resembles Frankie as they both have pale green skin but Alivia is much shorter in height than her elder sister.

Cute little green-skined Alivia Stein doll with her pet and accessory.
Cute little green-skined Alivia Stein doll with her pet and accessory.( Source : twitter )

Furthermore, Alivia also has the same abilities as Frankie. They both possess powers to manipulate electricity and electrical devices at will. They both need to be charged at night as they run from electricity.

Alivia Stein dolls are very scarce online and there are no vendors selling brand-new sealed toys available just yet. However, second-hand collectors' pieces are often found from time to time and made available on the internet. Unfortunately, there were no dolls available at the time of writing this article.

There were no other new characters or dolls introduced by Monster High in 2018 as the maker of the franchise Mattel quietly pulled the plug on the franchise after failing miserably for a few years after revamping the toys in 2016.

Shining Grady Twins (2020)

The Shining Grady Twins were released as new dolls by the revamped Monster High franchise in 2020. IT Pennywise was part of their brand new Skullector edition.

Grady Twins are inspired by the 1980 film The Shining. Grady Twins are human dolls with normal human-like appearances. Both twins have identical appearances with big brown eyes, full lips, ad beautiful brown hair.

The Grady Twins Dolls mimicking their counterparts from the film The Shining.
The Grady Twins Dolls mimicking their counterparts from the film The Shining.( Source : twitter )

They are also dressed in detailed light blue babydoll dresses. Their dress is also extremely detailed with white dots, sheer sleeves, and a pleated bodice. The appearance is complete with a pink ribbon on the waist, knee-high stockings, and black mary jane shoes.

All in all, the Grady Twins dolls replicate the appearance of The Shining characters. The dolls are available in a package and both are included, the package also comes with several accessories representing the storyline of the film.

The dolls were released as classic monsters. They are depicted as the souls of two twins killed in the Overlook Hotel by their father. They possess classic ghost characteristics like being invisible and visible at will and have the ability to move through walls and haunt people.

The only other new doll released in 2020 was Pennywise from the film IT.

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Greta Gremlin (2021)

Monster High Dolls released two dolls Greta Gremlin and Beetlejuice & Lydia Deetz in their 2021 release. Beetlejuice & Lydia Deetz are two dolls released as one in a package.

Greta Gremlin is inspired by the 1990 film Gremlins 2. The Monster High doll version of Greta Gremlin is made to represent her film version with green skin and an animal-printed dress. Unlike the film, the doll does not have fur instead she has smooth skin.

Greta Gremlin Doll looks amazing with green hair and leopard printed outfit.
Greta Gremlin Doll looks amazing with green hair and leopard printed outfit.( Source : twitter )

Greta has green skin with green hairs, she is also seen wearing bright red lipstick and has pointy ears with piercings. She has big bright eyes and wears a silver shadow around her big eyes. She wears a red pleather jacket over her dress and green high heels.

Beetlejuice & Lydia Deetz are technically two separate characters and dolls but Mattel brought them to the Monster High franchise as a group and are sold in one packaging. Both the characters come from the 1998 film Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice has pale skin and bright green hair. She also has big bright eyes with a purple shadow and deep red lips. She is dressed in a striped black & white suit with a black belt around her waist. She also wears a jacket of the same color with a multi-layered tail.

Lydia Deetz has a cute face with big black eyes and lavender shadows. She has long straight hair and full pinkish lips. She is dressed in a gothic style with in a black dress with a shiny vine print.

Dracula (2022)

Monster High franchise released two original dolls Dracula and Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein in 2022. Dracula is a doll-only version of the franchise.

Dracula is not to be confused with the original character Draculaura as the two are completely different. Dracula is inspired by the 1931 film Dracula. The doll has pale skin with a strong red accent all over her dress and face.

Frankenstein (right) & Bride of Frankenstein dolls dressed in black and white color clothes respectively.
Frankenstein (right) & Bride of Frankenstein dolls dressed in black and white color clothes respectively.( Source : twitter )

Dracula has red bloody eyes and bright red lips with fangs visible from the outside. She is dressed neatly in a classic black tuxedo with a white shirt and jagged tails on the jacket. She wears a red and black cape over the tux.

Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein are two characters brought by Monster High as a package. They are the parents of Frankie and Alivia Stein. Frankenstein is dressed in a completely black outfit, he wears black pants, a black jacket, a black shirt, and black shoes.

Frankenstein also has a green complexion like his kids and has a flat head. He also comes with two bolts on his neck as a charging port.

The bride of Frankenstein has high-standing black hair with a white streak. She has Dark eyes, pink shadow, and deep red lips. Unlike Frankestine and their children, The Bride has pale white skin. She is dressed in a multi-layered white gown.

All three dolls released in 2022 were released under the revamped line-up Skullector.

Chucky & Tiffany (2023)

Chucky & Tiffany and Elvira make the 2023 lineup of Skullector by Monster High. Revamped versions of Clawdeen, Frankie, and Cleo were also released in 2023.

Chucky & Tiffany comes from the 1998 film Bride of Chucky. Both Chucky and Tiffany are established horror characters in the pop-culture film and television series and they were included by the Monster High franchise in their Skullector lineup.

Although originally Chucky is a male character and Tiffany is his love interest, the Monster High dolls are both females. Chucky has more-or-less the same appearances as other series and films but is portrayed as a female.

Chucky & Tiffany dolls seen wearing their iconic dresses and make-up.
Chucky & Tiffany dolls seen wearing their iconic dresses and make-up.( Source : mattel )

Chucky has tanned skin with blue eyes, brown lips, freckles, and a few stitched scars. She is seen wearing her signature multi-color stripped corp sweater and blue overalls. Her appearance is complete with orange hair and red shoes.

Tiffany has blonde hair and fair skin. She has green eyes with black shadows and full black lips. In terms of clothing, she wears a black faux leather jacket, and white satin dress, and a black waist belt. Her look is completed with long black boots with fishnet stockings underneath.

Elvira is inspired by the eponymous character from the film Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. She wears her long black hair in a bouffant style and has big blue eyes and deep red lips.

In terms of appearance, Elvira wears a flowing black dress with spiderwebs and skullettes. She has a long slit skirt and wispy sleeves as part of her clothing.

How Many Monster High Dolls Are There In Total?

In total, there are 93 unique dolls in the Monster High Dolls line-up.

However, the 93 unique dolls have been released as part of numerous line-ups and special editions taking the total number of dolls in the franchise well over 750.

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