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Mandana Bolourchi Net Worth 2022 - Patrick Beverley's Girlfriend And Family

By | 7 November 2022 03:46 AM

Mandana walking down the streets of Milan
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Mandana Bolourchi, a fashion influencer, investor, business women, and interior designer, is the girlfriend of NBA star Patrick Beverley. 

Mandana is known to be a renowned face in the industry and has been all around the news and media coverage these days for being the girlfriend of the NBA star Patrick Beverley. Mandana was born in Iran. However, she was raised in places like Los Angeles, Europe, Dubai, etc. The fashion influencer was born in Iran on March 30, 1994, but is an American citizen. 

Since her childhood, Bolourchi was drawn towards art and was passionate about pursuing it in the future. When she was just 11, she also shocked everyone with her exceptional piano skills playing at a concert. As a child, she used to travel a lot and gathered interest in the culture and art of different countries, which attracted her to show the elements of it in the interior designs she does now.

 She always wanted to showcase her talent for art and used to find an opportunity to work as an interior designer. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream and focus on her career. In her 20s, Mandana has traveled all over the world & become a successful influencer and entrepreneur. She is also a well-known Instagram model famous for her unique fashion style. On top of it, she is active on her Instagram under her Instagram profile, the. mandana, where she has around 554k followers. 

Quick Facts about Mandana Bolourchi

Full NameMandana Bolourchi
BirthdateMarch 30, 1994
Age28 years
ProfessionModel, Fashion Influencer, Interior Designer
Net Worth$1-$3 million

Mandana Bolourchi Net Worth In 2022

Mandana Boulourchi is a fashion model, influencer, and investor who has established herself well and has a net worth of around $1-$3 million.

At just 28, Mandana has already achieved a lot and has traveled worldwide, becoming a successful influencer and entrepreneur. She had dreamt of being a model and designer since she was a little girl, and now she has fulfilled every dream. The fashion model and influencer are taking the fashion world by storm with her elegant and perfect sense. She has created herself to be a brand that people aspire to be like. 

Not only in fashion, but she has also showcased her design talent by being an interior designer. Being a fashion influencer and interior designer was not just it. Along with these two talents, she has excellent proficiency in real estate investing and has established a great career. Mandana has a keen eye for opportunities and grabs them as fast as she spots them.

Mandana Bolourchi dawned in Dolce and Gabbana fit for their event.
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Patrick Beverly's girlfriend also owns several luxurious properties in Dubai, including one of the most deluxe homes in Dubai's Emirates Hills. She also has a flourishing career as an interior designer. Bolourchi handles all of the workloads by herself and is one of the exemplary figures as an independent woman carrying out a more significant scale daily.

The work she does and the career she has paved for herself seem fruitful and have also helped her accumulate a total net worth of $1-$3 million.

Patrick Beverley Relationship With Girlfriend Mandana Bolourchi

Patrick Beverley and Mandana Bolourchi confirmed their relationship last April when Patrick posted on their one-year relationship.

Patrick Beverly is an American basketball star with the National Basketball Association (NBA) who currently plays for the famous basketball team Los Angeles Lakers. He has recently opened up about his relationship with the renowned fashion influencer Mandana. The couple shared a beautiful picture and publicly announced they had been together for quite a long time.

Picture of Mandana and Patrick together posted by Patrick wishing them 1 year anniversary
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Patrick loves sharing his girlfriend on his Instagram. However, Mandana likes to keep her boyfriend and her love life away from social media as she was already married once and doesn't want to announce her new relationship. She was previously married to a man known as Mostafa Ansari. However, no news about them being together, for the time being, has been disclosed neither has any information of them having children together has been revealed. However, Mandana filed a family lawsuit at the County Superior Court in Los Angeles against him on January 20, 2021. In response, Mostafa filed a family legal separation suit against Mandana on March 3, 2021.

After a traumatizing relationship, she is finally happy with her current boyfriend, Patrick, and is living the best of her life. Patrick is also happily flaunting her girlfriend and is eager to spend his life with her.

Mandana Bolourchi Parents And Siblings: Meet The Bolourchi Family

Mandana Bolourchi is a famous face among the audience; however, she hasn't revealed much about her parents and siblings.

Mandana is undoubtedly one of the leading ladies in fashion and interior design. She has impeccable skills in showing her talent in these fields, which has always helped her to be at the top. However, the young bundle of talent is a bit timid and secretive regarding her family. She loves and enjoys being in the spotlight but prefers her family life to be a bit low-profiled as she loves to maintain her parent's and siblings' privacy. 

Mandana has not given any details about her family but has been carrying in her father's legacy as a philanthropist. She is generously helping women in the Middle East. She has donated thousands of dollars to charity and opened a couple of them, which help promote women, victims of domestic violence, and physically challenged people.

Some FAQs

Who is Mandana Bolourchi's boyfriend?

Mandana Bolourchi's boyfriend is popular NBA player Patrick Beverly.

When was Mandana Bolourchi born?

Mandana Bolourchi was born on March 30, 1994 and is the age of 24 as of now.

Who is Mandana Bolourchi?

Mandana Bolourchi, a fashion influencer, investor, business women, and interior designer, is the girlfriend of NBA star Patrick Beverley.