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Bachelor In Paradise Star Johnny's Older Brother Robert DePhillipo Is In Prison, Why?

By Survi Basyal | November 17, 2022 08:20 AM

Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller are on a serious phase of relationship
Johnny DePhillipo and Victoria Fuller are on a serious phase of relationship( Source : cosmopolitan )

Bachelor in Paradise cast Johnny DePhillipo revealed a family secret surrounding his brother on the show's latest episode on November 14. 

Bachelor in Paradise is a spinoff show of The Bachelor which features the contestants who starred in those shows. 

Johnny DePhillipo was in the 19th season of The Bachelor and is now on the 8th season of Bachelor in Paradise. In this show, he has developed a romantic bond with Victoria Fuller. The couple wanted to know more about each other.

The couple started sharing about each other's families and how their father used to tease them. Victoria, being supportive of him, confronted him that he could share anything with her. During this talk, Johnny revealed his family's secret. He told her about his mother who is not in good condition after his elder brother was imprisoned.

His sentence caught everybody's attention and was the heat of the moment. Fans are shocked to hear it and are curious to know the reason behind his brother being in prison.

Who Is Bachelor In Paradise Cast Johnny's Older Brother Robert DePhillipo?

Robert DePhillipo is the eldest son of John DePhillipo and Marie DePhillipo who is now popular after Johnny DePhillipo revealed about him being in prison in the reality show Bachelor In Paradise. He is an adventurous person who loves surfing and fishing. His Instagram account is full of stories about the seashore and fishing. He was born on June 18.

The DePhillipo brothers have a great bond, they often go fishing together. Robert DePhillipo, Johnny DePhillipo, and Jack DePhillipo are brothers from the same parents.

Robert DePhillipo is in a relationship with his long-time sweetheart and best friend from childhood, Jillian Conforti. She frequently posts pictures together on her Instagram account. She is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Kimley-Horn.

Robert is opening his own clothing brand hangfest for which he also has prepared an Instagram account where he can promote his business. This brand is opening soon.

Johnny DePhillipo's elder brother Robert DePhillipo
Johnny DePhillipo's elder brother Robert DePhillipo ( Source : facebook )

Why Is Johnny's Elder Brother Robert DePhillipo In Prison?

In the recent episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Johnny DePhillipo opened up to Victoria Fuller about his elder brother being in prison while talkhing about his family. He has not mentioned any details about Robert DePhillipo's reasons for being in prison. 

Victoria and Johnny had been together before BiP and they broke up due to different disputes and misunderstandings. Now, love has brought this couple together once again. Johnny is 25 years old and is ready to be committed to Victoria for the rest of his life. The couple wanted to be comfortable with each other talking about things they were never to anyone else.

Johnny wanted Victoria to be with him for who he was and know everything about his family. So he confessed to her about his brother which left the fans shocked. She was happy that he opened himself without any hesitation and she felt him as her person forever at the moment.

Every individual is searching for the reason behind Robert DePhillipo being in prison. Many are still not convinced about this fact as Robert Dephillipo was always a kind and gentle person.

The exact reason is unknown until it's revealed by any of the family members. 

Johnny DePhillipo ready for getting committed to Victoria Fuller
Johnny DePhillipo ready for getting committed to Victoria Fuller ( Source : bustle )

More Details on Johnny DePhillipo's Family

Johnny DePhillipo was born to John Dephillipo and Maria DePhillipo 25 years ago on October 9, 1997. He is the younger brother of Robert DePhillipo and the elder brother of Jack DePhillipo. His father is a Talent Acquisition Specialist, and his mother is an owner of Nix Salon and Spa. Although his parents are not together, they are a happy family with great bonding.

According to his ABC bio, Johnny has a huge, crazy Italian family and many brothers.

In one of his Instagram posts, he shares a photo with his dad and brothers wishing everyone Happy turkey day. According to Distractify, four of the men with the same surname are his brothers, and the other two with the surname Sullivan might be his step-brothers.