Who Is Gossip Girl Writer Hunter Harris? 5 Facts To Know

By Priyadarshi Nepal | December 2, 2022 01:14 PM

Hunter Harris enjoying at her friends' wedding in Brooklyn, New York.
Hunter Harris enjoying at her friends' wedding in Brooklyn, New York. ( Source : instagram )

Hunter Harris is not just a staff writer on Gossip Girl but has also made a cameo appearance in the television series. 

Harris has a witty opinion which she studs with her animated writing in her creations, giving her a general aura that is hard to resist. As she possesses all the necessary qualities to be a great writer, there is not a single shred of doubt she is not one. 

She is currently working as a freelance writer since November 2022, but she has previously held the position of staff writer at some prestigious magazines and companies. According to her LinkedIn profile, she previously worked for New York Magazine as a staff writer and was also an associate editor for Vulture. 

Hunter has had an impressive career so far, but working as a staff writer on Gossip Girl has added unprecedented credit to her name. 

1) Hunter Harris Is A Staff Writer For Gossip Girl Reboot

Hunter Harris is a staff writer for Gossip Girl Reboot. 

She has written two episodes of the popular revival of Gossip Girl. The new series follows teens from private schools who use social media to spread gossip. Harris contributed to the first two episodes, titled "Deb Brawl in a Blue Dress" and "Guess Who's Coming at Dinner" of season 2 of the popular teen drama series. 

While she might have made excellent character development and pop culture references in her writing, she also made an equally impressive impact with her cameo on the series according to Collider

Well, if you do not want to miss Hunter's cameo and enjoy the series in her flow with her writing. You might want to tune in to your HBO Max account and watch the series as it is already available for streaming. Hunter is in her late-20s but has a convincing appearance as a teen. 

Hunter Harris posing for new headshots for her work.
Hunter Harris posing for new headshots for her work. ( Source : instagram )

2) Hunter Harris Is Currently 28 Years Old

Hunter Harris is 28 years old, she was born on August 9, 1994. 

She is an Oklahoma native, born and raised there but she has made New York City her home for the past several years pursuing her career as a writer. 

Harris graduated from Booker T. Washington High School, Tusla, Oklahoma in 2010 and subsequently joined Holland Hall School where she studied for two more years. She then attended Emerson College where she earned her degree in Bachelor of Science in Journalism in 2016. 

While Hunter has been fairly transparent about her early education, she has kept her personal life and childhood under strong wraps. She has not revealed any details about her family as well, not even the names of her parents. 

However, she might have kept her fans on the dark side in terms of introducing her family members, she has admitted to having a boyfriend while speaking with The Dandy

Hunter Harris enjoying her vacation in Punta De Mita, Nayarit, Mexico.
Hunter Harris enjoying her vacation in Punta De Mita, Nayarit, Mexico. ( Source : instagram )

3) Harris Is In A Committed Relationship With Her Boyfriend

Hunter Harris is in a committed relationship with her mystery boyfriend. 

They started dating right before the pandemic shut all life around the world, but the couple had an opportunity to give more time to their relationship and nurture love between them. 

Unlike other couples, Harris and her boyfriend decided to keep things slow and lived separately during the pandemic but their apartments were not quite apart. They lived within walking distance and visited each other frequently, living alone without a roommate has its own benefits right?

While she is seen sharing a plethora of images with a man named Andrew Goble on her Instagram account, she has not confirmed if he is the man. 

She has not made her love Instagram official yet as she does not appear sharing images with her beau on her social media. She might be living the most out of her romantic life away from public attention. Sadly though, Hunter has not revealed anything about her beau to her followers, she has not shared his name or his occupation on the internet. 

Hunter Harris and Andrew Goble attending their friend's wedding.
Hunter Harris and Andrew Goble attending their friend's wedding. ( Source : instagram )

4) Hunter Has Over 147K Followers On Twitter

Hunter Harris has a massive following on her social media with her Twitter handle followed by over 147 thousand people. 

She has made over 25k tweets on her Twitter handle so far, and her tweets make the day for people who read them. She is always expressing her witty opinion through her tweet. Hunter is using Twitter as Elon intended the platform to be used, in a funny way. 

However, Twitter is not just social media with a massive number of followers for Harris. She has 30.3 thousand followers on her Instagram account, she is found using Instagram with her username @hunterh. She appears to be much quieter on her Instagram account as she has made only 33 posts to her followers so far. 

Hunter Harris enjoying summer in New York City.
Hunter Harris enjoying summer in New York City. ( Source : instagram )

5) Hunter Harris Runs A Newsletter Titled Hung Up

Apart from being a successful writer, Hunter Harris also runs her own newsletter titled Hung Up. 

Her newsletter is all about pop culture, movies, music, gossip, and many things. Her presentation makes her newsletter famous among her thousands of subscribers, trust me, she is hilarious and covers stories like no one else. 

However, her newsletter Hung Up is not just about laughs. She also shares well-crafted essays convincing people to take an actual interest in pop culture. You can subscribe to her newsletter to know more about the stuff she shares with her subscribers. 

One of the important factors for being so successful is her long and successful career in writing. She started out as an intern for The Oprah Magazine back in 2014 but make quick progress in her career. She has worked for many well-known publications including Politico, New York Observer, Boston Magazine, The Week, Indiwire, and several others according to her LinkedIn profile.