Does Huck Ever Reunite With His Family?

By Priyadarshi Nepal | 5 June 2023 04:55 AM

Huck from Scandal actor Guillermo Díaz enjoys winter sun at Venice Beach, California in December 2022.
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Huck reunites with his family at a subway platform after leaving B613 in Scandal TV series. Huck met his wife Kim and son Javi with the help of Quinn.

Scandal is an American political thriller television series that is partially based on the career of executive producer and former George H W Bush press aide Judy Smith, who is portrayed as Olivia Pope by actress Kerry Washington.

The television series focuses on the personal and professional lives of Olivia Pope and her crisis management firm in Washington D.C., the President of the United States of America, staff working at the White House, and the surrounding political scene.

Complex narratives such as a secretive assassinating agency are also introduced in the television series to provide depth and background story to the characters, Huck portrayed by Guillermo Diaz, is a former B163 assassin now working for Olivia and her firm in the IT department.

Along with a spectacular background story and complex, off-the-book CIA assignment, Huck also had a few relationships in the television series. He was already a family man before he started to work for the CIA and was later taken away from his wife, so did he find them in the end?

Does Huck Ever Reunite With His Family

Huck reunited with his family for a brief period after finding them at a subway station. Huck decided to not interfere with his wife and son anymore.

Huck was already a B613 mercenary when he decided to get married and start a family. He married Kim and bought a house to settle together while he was working for B613 despite knowing the program's operatives were not allowed to have a family of their own.

The B613 Agent and his wife Kim welcomed their son Javi when they were paid a visit by one of Huck's team members to remind Huck about the rules the agents must follow which included not starting a family or getting married.

Kim (left) and homeless Huck (right) meet at a subway station years after being separated.
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Following the visit, Huck helped Kim and Javi pack to leave before he was snatched away by B613 and put inside a prison cell. He was put in the "Hole" for several years until he started believing Kim and Javi were just his imagination and he was never married or had a child, ending his connection with his family.

However, years later Huck decided to leave the top-secret agency and started living a normal life working at Olivia's firm as a tech guy. One day he saw Kim and Javi at a subway station and was reunited with his small and sweet family after several years.

Although the reunion was supposed to be a happy one, Huck felt Kim and Javi were doing great on their own and did not wish to interfere anymore. He parted with his family for good to never return.

The television series Scandal never revealed if Huck and Kim ever got divorced or just got separated.

Who Does Huck End Up With In Scandal?

Huck ends up at the side of Quinn Perkins and Charlie as they get married. Huck did not find a partner in the series finale of Scandal.

Huck, played by Guillermo Diaz, had several brief and serious relationships in the thriller television series Scandal. Huck was initially a married man when he started working for the secretive CIA program B613.

However, due to the strict rules against getting married and starting a family for the B613 Agents, Huck was taken away from his family and put in prison for several years until he started believing his wife Kim and son Javi were just his imagination.

The B613 Agent soon ended his contract with the CIA program and was left homeless without a family. He then started working for Olivia Pope at her firm as a tech guy where he had a few brief relationships.

After getting his life back on track, Huck meets with Becky Flynn at a party. Flynn pursues Huck compelling him to ask her out, which he does and they prepare for their first day. However, things start to go south immediately after Becky is found to be the one who attempted to assassinate POTUS.

Huck's relationship with Becky ends after he is detained by government officials and tortured after Becky kills her family and frames Huck. He later helps the officials to get Becky behind bars for her attempt to assassinate POTUS.

The former B613 agent also gets close with another character named Meg Mitchell. The pair met when Huck was searching for Jenniffer and found Meg, the two get close very quickly and start to see one another. Sadly, Huck is betrayed by Meg ending their relationship.

Huck also had a brief stint with Quinn Perkins when he was ordered to rescue Perkins from California and re-establish her in DC with a new identity.

What Happens To Huck At The End Of Scandal?

Huck is seen supporting Abby at the end of the television series Scandal. Huck and Abby are seen at David’s grave at the series finale.

Although Huck went through a lot during the seven seasons of Scandal from getting shot and drowned to being pried away from his wife and kids, he got a heartwarming and perfect ending, said Huck actor Diaz to Hollywood Reporter.

Huck Was Portrayed By Actor Guillermo Díaz

Huck Scandal actor Guillermo Díaz made appearances in all 124 episodes of the TV series. Guillermo made his acting debut in The Lost Platoon in 1990.

Guillermo Díaz is an American actor born to Cuban parents in New Jersey, United States of America. He made his acting debut in the 1990 film The Lost Platoon where he played the role of a villager.

Since his debut, Diaz has amassed 102 acting credits on his IMDb profile. He is best known for his appearance in the American television series Scandal as Diego "Huck" Muñoz appearing in all 124 episodes spanning 7 seasons of the series.

Actor Guillermo Díaz seen as Huck in Scandal working on his laptop as a Tech Guy.
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His other notable roles include in Law & Order: Organized Crime, Weeds, All the Little Things We Kill, and Mercy, among others. Diaz shared the screen with Jasmine Cephas Jones's father Ron Cephas Jones in Law & Order.

Guillermo is 48 years old and was born on March 22, 1975, he started acting at the age of 15 years old and credits his upbringing as the motivating factor for his acting skills.

Guillermo is openly gay and his upbringing in the rough side of Manhattan where he acted straight to hide his identity helped him a lot to make himself a better actor, according to Out Magazine.