George Anthony Morton: Facts To Know About Atlanta Artist

By | 16 November 2022 08:33 AM

Atlanta artist George Anthony Morton during an art exhibition, scrutinizing a classical oil painting.
Source : ajc

George Anthony Morton, one of the renowned and talented painters based in Atlanta, is thirty-eight years old as of 2022. 

The artist is hugely inspired by the Egyptians who created the pyramids that outlived them. He studied at the Florence Academy of Art, becoming the first African-American to graduate. After completing his graduation, Morton returned to Atlanta and opened Atelier South.

At present, he is working on a traveling exhibition of his paintings and moments. The exhibition is going to be a compilation of his two passions which include film and art. The artist's life has gone through a long series of different encounters. 

He has been a part of Master of Light, which is a movie portrait of his pursuit of beauty beyond painting's eurocentric canon. Moreover, the film showcases the struggles of his life with his mother and siblings.

Master of Light has been awarded the Grand Jury Award for a documentary feature at SXSW. It has been directed by Amsterdam-based Rosa Ruth Boesten whom Morton has assisted to a great extent. Morton believes that if Vinci or Rembrandt were present today, they would definitely be involved in filmmaking.

According to the artist, he has always had a successful routine and ritual that makes him the best version of himself. Besides paintings, he is also interested in literature and is a voracious reader. In fact, he learned to paint through the practice of reading. 

Thefamilynation.com has also covered a story about French artist Vincent Mancini. In this article, let us know more about George Anthony Morton. 

Who Is Atlanta Artist George Anthony Morton?

George Anthony Morton was born in September 1983, in Kansas City, Missouri, and resides in Atlanta. 

Anthony Morton is the first son of eleven children. His mother was just fifteen years old when she gave birth to her children. As a young mother, she had to struggle a lot to meet the basic requirements of the House. Therefore, George along with his siblings had a difficult childhood.

George Anthony Morton in his personal studio, photographed with few of his paintings.
Source : markingtimeart

George grew up amidst chaos. Despite having to deal with complicated circumstances in life, he was a lad with an inborn talent for art. He used to draw beautifully. Making images and curating new forms of art was his escape from the underlying poverty that suck the energy out of all his family members. 

Living with the scarcities, he, unfortunately, fell into a bad habit of dealing drugs. During his teenage years, he had become a low-level drug dealer. According to his official website he was caught and sentenced to 11 years as a non-violent offender in a federal penitentiary at the age of nineteen. 

However, his art helped him have a meaningful life even inside the bars. He made sure to spend all his time studying and learning about art. He had not received any kind of formal or professional training. However, he succeeded as one of the best and most promising painters. 

10 Facts About George Anthony Morton

  1. George Anthony Morton was born in the year 1983, and as of 2022, the artist is thirty-nine years old. 
  2. Morton's native land is Kansas City, Missouri. However, he resides in Atlanta. 
  3. George completed a study period abroad at the Academy's campus in Italy and has traveled to Europe's greatest art museums to study. 
  4. He is regarded to be the first African American to graduate from any campus of the Florence Academy of Art. He also received competitive awards for Best Figure Drawing, in 2015, and Best Portrait Drawing, in 2016 on campus. 
  5. He is the founder of Atelier South which is Atlanta's first art workshop that is designed on six centuries of classical tradition.
  6. The artist has also traveled to Egypt for the purpose of studying the true origins of the Renaissance principles of art and design.
  7. Morton was the first of 11 children born to a fifteen-year-old mother.
  8. George Anthony Morton joined the social media platform Instagram in 2020 and is available under the username @georgeanthonymorton. 
  9. Morton has a unique, spiritual, and artistic journey toward painting.
  10. He is the major attraction of the new documentary called “Master of Light” having a world premiere at the 2022 SXSW film festival.