Is Frankie Beverly Married To Pam Moore? Wife and Family

By | 1 January 2023 12:49 PM

Beverly is the lead vocalist of Maze
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Frankie Beverly wife Pam Moore is a news anchor at KRON 4. Frankie has a grown-up son named Anthony Beverly.

Beverly was born on December 6, 1946, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His real name is Howard Beverly.

He is an American singer, lyricist, composer, and producer known for recordings with the soul and funk band Maze. 

Mr. Howard Beverly used the name Frankie because his idol was Franklin Joseph Lymon—another young teenage singer.

In an interview, Mr. Beverly stated that he used the name Frankie because people used to compare him to his team idol. He first started singing at a young age in church.

At the age of 13, he joined a band named The Silhouettes. Likewise, he started a new A Capella group called The Blenders at 16.

He formed his first group at a young age as well. 

He also said he loved Marvin Gaye. Because Marvin Gaye made them who they are today. 

Maze and Frankie Beverly was the opening act for Marvin Gaye's concerts. After Mr. Gaye passed away, Mr. Beverly wrote a song about the man he loved. It's called Silky Singer. He said that Marvin Gaye was his mentor, gave him the chance to sing, and paid for all of Maze's expenses before they became rich.

The musician also founded a group called The Butlers. The band's music was recorded after getting the attention of producer Kenny Gamble.

After some heavy touring, The Butlers moved to California, where the band was re-christened as Raw Soul. After adding three new members, the group became a full-fledged funk band. 

Marvin Gaye didn't like that name and told him to change their name. Beverly didn't like his first name, Howard. He couldn't understand why his mother gave him such an ugly first name. That's how he got his name, Frankie. 

Is Frankie Beverly Married To Pam Moore?

Frankie Beverly is not yet married to Pam Moore despite ongoing rumors that they are husband and wife. Frankie and Pam have been dating for over 30 years. 

Frankie Beverly with girlfriend Pam Moore and Donnie Simpson in Maze concert
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The couple has maintained a romantic relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend for a long time.

The two began dating in 1986. The romance between the rockstar and the news anchor has lasted more than 35 years now.

However, Pam has never spoken about their relationship openly and prefers to keep it private.

Pam Moore Is A News Anchor

Pam Moore (left) interviewing Georgia Congressman John Lewis
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Frankie Beverly girlfriend Pam Moore is a news anchor for KRON 4. Pam started her career as a news reporter at WJLB Radio in Detroit.

Later, she began to work in Dallas and Louisville as a broadcasting anchor for the radio. Later she moved to KCBS-TV as a general assignment reporter in Los Angeles. 

In 1986, Pam again shifted to WBZ-TV in Boston, where she was assigned as an anchor and general assignment reporter. She worked there for four years.

Currently, Moore is a host at KRON 4. She joined the news channel in 1991 and has been with the channel for more than 30 years.

In the beginning, Pam was assigned to broadcast medical issues for "4 Your Health" segment and later hosted "Health Matters."

Now, Pam anchors KRON 4 evening newscasts and does special reports for the news channel.

He Has A Son Anthony Beverly From His Previous Partner

Anthony celebrating his father Frankie's birthday together
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Frankie Beverly son Anthony Beverly was born from his previous relationship. The name of his former partner is not known.

Anthony's life has been centered around music as the son of R&B legend Frankie Beverly. At the age of four, Anthony started to play drums.

And the age of 20, he began his career as a professional drummer. As to show the proof of his father's son, he is also a gifted writer and producer.

Since his childhood, Anthony has been touring all over the place with his father and his band, Maze. During these tours, he also got the opportunity to play the drum on many albums for Maze. 

Currently, Anthonis is the co-founder, producer, and A&R Director for Brantera Music Group. 

Anthony celebrates his birthday on March 24 every year.

Frankie and Anthony have not spoken about Anthony's mother. But Anthony posted the picture of his mother on Instagram for mother's day.

His Daughter In Law Was Heather Nelson-Beverly

Frankie's son Anthony was married to Heather Nelson-Beverly, but the couple has separated.

Heather is a popular entertainment attorney.

 She deals with Transactional Entertainment Law, Contract Drafting and Negotiations in Music, Film, Television, Book Publishing and Theater, Record Label/Entertainment company creation and setup, Distribution Agreements, and many more.

Anthony Beverly with former wife Heather Nelson-Beverly
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Heather has a law office named the Law Office of Heather Beverly in 1998. She was also the co-founder of Brantera Music Group, Inc, which she co-founded with her former husband Anthony Beverly. 

Similarly, Heather is also the founder and CEO of Soul Reciprocity Network, LLC, which works to improve education and entertainment. 

Heather and Anthony are divorced and live separate lives. But, the former couple remains on friendly terms for their son Brandon Beverly.