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10 Examples of A Family Oriented Person

By Unnati Bhattarai | April 27, 2023 11:19 AM

Happy family trying to take a group delfie
Happy family trying to take a group delfie( Source : verywellmind )

Family oriented examples include respecting the values of the relationships, scheduling time for family, being an active listener, and more. 

Family-oriented meaning can vary depending upon one's beliefs and values. The common definition of such a person is to keep the family and their priorities first.

The person focuses more on values and their decisions and always puts their needs forward despite of own.

If you are a family-oriented person, you will think about the consequences of those things for the family before you take a certain decision.

You will value their feelings, opinions, and thoughts. They appreciate the well-being of the members as a whole rather than considering their interests. 

Being family-oriented allows you to create a sense of loving, caring, and belonging in your lives. As long as we care for others, the more positively we can face the challenges and problems that come with us. 

There are many benefits of being family-oriented as the relationship with the family provides help and support to a person to fight stress, engage in healthier behaviors, motivate them, and upbrings their self-esteem.

Family is a strength for everyone and helps build confidence for all the members. They teach to build self-esteem through specific skills such as problem-solving, communication, focusing more on strengths, and engaging in new things.

Here is a list of family-oriented examples that can help you identify if you are one of them or not.

1. Taking Care Of Yourself

Being a family oriented person means you take care of yourself first even though it might sound illogical.

There is also a saying that You Can't Take Care of Others Until You are Fit. And, it's true because without being charged fully we can't attend to other people properly.

Self-care is a great way to improve our well-being. With proper self-care, we can change and improve our life and daily schedule.

If you are mentally, physically, and emotionally, fit then you can have quality time with others and enjoy every moment of your life. 

Being family-oriented does not only mean supporting your parents without focusing on yourself. A self-care and little time to yourself allow you to focus more on your family.

Don't forget to take care of your own needs so that you can take care of the people around you. 

A woman feeling content and happy with her own company
A woman feeling content and happy with her own company( Source : goodhousekeeping )

When people become more concerned for their families they don't get time for themselves. As everyone has their own preferences and priorities but they became fail to fulfill all of that for themselves.

2. Respecting The Value Of The Relationships

Respecting any relationship, be it of husband-wife, brother-sister, parents-children, or grandparents, is an example of being a family oriented person.

The key way to protect the bonding is to give it more importance.

Relationship nowadays is becoming more challenging and complicated. In the age of technology, people are highly engaged in the gazets. People are more time using their phones and do not have time for their loved ones.

Appreciating and respecting someone makes them feel good about what they do, and it makes difference in life. Expressions of kindness, love, care, and presence increase the life of the family.

A better family identifies and shares positive aspects of each other. As if they pay attention to another one's behavior, skills, achievements, and many more. 

The value of the relationships reflects in our appreciation for them by giving them valuable time and care. It is the most sensitive thing to show our appreciation and gratitude to them.

A woman carrying her partner for a piggyback ride
A woman carrying her partner for a piggyback ride( Source : lifehack )

Respecting the values of others sometimes put us backward. Losing the value of oneself is losing the identity and confidence in ourselves.

3. Scheduling Yourself For Enough Family Time

Everyone has a pre-planned prepared calendar of do list. But, make sure to add family time to your schedule. 

Scheduling time for them is the main sign to show that you are a family-oriented person.

It reflects that you value them and have a love for them.

Today, in this busy era people are more workaholics and have their maximum time spent in their work and offices. People failed to balance work and personal life. 

You need to make sure that you have enough time for your parents and other members. You can show your love to them by giving them your time, engaging with them, sharing feelings, and expressing what they need. 

Choose the proper time to get together with all the members. Find out your kid's activities, nights with them, dinners, and for sure the events to get attached to them.

Quality time is an admirable thing but it is difficult to achieve without having quantity time. Make sure that you are spending time with all of them so that you can develop strong relationships that are meant to last a lifetime.

Scheduling the family time in your calendar
Scheduling the family time in your calendar( Source : insider )

Yes, being close to the family will indeed hamper your work life. As everyone has their work that sometimes needs to be done at home and if you are engaged all the time with them then it will disturb your work.

Being family oriented person does not mean to be always there for them. You should have the ability to balance your work and personal life on your own.

As a result, you can't focus on your work life and can't perform and give your best towards the work. The time for all the work should be scheduled properly.

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4. Being Fully Present When You Are With Your Family 

The main characteristic of a family-oriented person is that he/ she is fully present when spending time with their family. 

You should give your undivided attention when you communicate with them. Fully engaging in activities together is important instead of just being around them.

The time you spend with them is the most precious and quality. Make sure time away from the work is time off.

Only being present physically but absent mentally is not being with them. To be true to them is to spend valuable and quality time. 

You may not make every time for them however, do your best to be there with them which will affect them.

Giving your full attention when you are with your family
Giving your full attention when you are with your family( Source : goodhousekeeping )

5. Being An Active Listener

Have you ever got a feeling or been in a situation where you are trying to say something and they are not listening properly? Yes, that is the most irritating and unusual way to treat someone.

The ability to listen to someone is an essential skill that a person has. Listening is the way to get someone, to understand the person properly. 

Give your family your attention and time while they are speaking. Make eye contact, give interest in their talks and do conservation with them time and again. This is one of the characteristics of a family-oriented person to be a positive communicator.

Being an active listener when others are speaking with you
Being an active listener when others are speaking with you( Source : forbes )

Being more active in listening occasionally makes someone that you are interested in their talks though you are not. However, listening too much compresses your voice in front of others. The person can't get the space to share the feelings and thoughts of themselves.

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6. Showing Your Love And Care For Them

Telling someone that you love them is good, but showing and expressing the same feeling is the best way. As we all know that doing is better than speaking.

Getting to understand that the person is loving us is quite a long and boring way. A perfect way is to show love for them by doing the thing they love the most.

There are many ways to express feelings and show love to them which include making phone calls time and again, engaging with them in their free time, and other many ways.

You Start Showing your love and care to your loved ones
You Start Showing your love and care to your loved ones( Source : verywellmind )

Sometimes showing love and care too much for someone seems to be fake. If you love someone there is a limit to showing the love but if you are doing it more than on another side you might be pouring too much of yourself. 

You would make that person feel irritated. Have you ever realized that feeling when someone regularly shares their feelings with you? Yes that will sometimes feels annoying.

7. Participating in Family Oriented Activities

Whenever you get free time try to be there with your family members and plan some events and outings that will make more time to engage with them.

Being together and doing things together can help each other develop their relationships stronger. 

Some of the ways to participate in family activities are by planning an annual reunion with them, taking on vacation, helping out members with their work, having dinners and nights, and many more. 

The overall goal is an enjoyable time together where you are bonding through activities and interactions. Games can be valuable because they require more immediate interaction.

Make the time more entertaining and enjoyable so that everyone would be waiting for that time to come back again. Lastly, you will make memorable memories with them.

Do timely participation in family-oriented activities
Do timely participation in family-oriented activities( Source : womansday )

Morely, participating in family activities leads you to fewer focuses on your work. Everyone has their preferences and priorities to be fulfilled in their life. But, the family person always focuses on their desires first.

The person always keeps on a note of their family's collective decisions, choices, and preferences which can sometimes mean that you have to sacrifice your personal preferences.

8. Selecting The Things Best For The Whole Family

One example of the family person is to do the best for their family. Family plays a vital role in everyone's life and they deserve the best to have.

The family person feels like they need to do everything in their power to fulfill their needs. Their needs, happiness, and desire become their top priority for them.

First of all, to fulfill their need and select the best you should know properly about their likes and dislikes. For that, you need to have quality time with them.

Choosing the things they love shows direct love and respect for them. It is the best way to get them to know that we care for them.

Do choose the best and appropriate things for your family
Do choose the best and appropriate things for your family( Source : heart )

There will be an increase in responsibility and duty for the person. In the family, all the things will major in "Us" than I.

Not only in expenses but there will be an increase in all the responsibilities. The member who will make the lesser contribution to the family will lead to conflict.

The person will be pressurized into fulfilling their needs and requirements. The person should put aside all their needs and desires of them and provide things for them. These all things will automatically make them responsible.

9. Providing Moral Support

What is positive about being family oriented? Well, the most important advantage is that you become a pillar of support for each other.

A good family symbolizes support and be always there for all. One of the most important gifts to someone is to receive support from their loved ones.

Providing moral support help encourage a person, or family, in whatever situation they are in. You are the strength of your family and the way they are to you. 

Even in better situations when you provide support, simply show kindness and respect to others. Granting help and the proper support is most important.

Providing support also includes helping the members taking decisions, giving the solutions to their problems, and cooperating with their bad situations and others.

Always provide moral support to the loved ones
Always provide moral support to the loved ones ( Source : parade )

Being overly involved in the family may sometimes lead to stepping in too frequently to deal with issues. 

The person who is close to his parents and other members feels and shares all the decisions with every one of them which sometimes may lead to conflicts.

Even small decisions have to go through everyone and all the thoughts of the person sometimes do not match with one another.

Individual decisions have no space in the family. Whether it is about taking big decisions or smaller ones like going out for dinner, having fun at clubs, and many more. 

Sometimes, even minor things are given so much attention and priority that it annoys you.

10. Engaging In Better Communication And Understanding

Communication is the way to know someone. Knowing them is not only the solution but understanding them in a better way is the best. 

Through better communication, we got to know the person and the things they like, dislike, and others more. 

There should be better communication and understanding between the family. If the members of the house can get to know each other they can easily solve problems together.

Better communication and understanding is the best way to get someone
Better communication and understanding is the best way to get someone( Source : cnn )

The problem of being Family Oriented person is a difference in the opinion of per person. Having better communication is good but consistently there will be not be understanding among the members. There will be conflict in ideas and opinions when there are many members in the family.

Every person has their own opinion and views regarding the same things. It will be hard to convince the members to obey another's ideas and opinions. 

If your ideas are not valued by another one then you will be exasperated. This problem will arise conflict and clash among the members.