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20 Clean Up Songs For Kids

By Ankit Karki | 12 September 2023 02:29 AM

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In recent years, an increasing number of parents have realized the importance of teaching their kids responsibilities early. While no parent can prevent their child from making a mess, it's in the adult's power to either give them a free pass or teach them to clean up after themselves.

Songs have emerged as an effective tool for parents and teachers to teach kids new lessons. Toddlers tend to learn faster through the musical format. So, most parents tend to go with clean-up songs. Here are 20 clean up songs focused on teaching kids the valuable life lesson.

1. Cleanup Song [Dora the Explorer]

The Cleanup Song is a 2006 song featured in an episode of the American cartoon series, Dora the Explorer. The single was included as the closing tune of the season four episode titled "Dora Saves the Mermaids."

Composed by Jed Becker, the Cleanup Song metaphorically shines a light on the culture of dumping plastic waste into the ocean. The song encourages everyone to clean up after themselves and work together to save the environment.

Cleanup Song Lyrics

Clean up, clean up

Everybody clean up

Let's work together

Everyone do their share

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2. Kids Song for Tidying Up [Super Simple Songs]

The Clean Up Song, also called Kids Song for Tidying Up, is a children's song on YouTube. The track is composed by the channel Super Simple Songs and voiced by Leah Hays & Matt Stamm.

The song's video features a male teacher teaching young students to organize everyday household items in a proper way. Uploaded on November 12, 2015, the video currently has over 36 million views and 42k likes.

Kids Song for Tidying Up Lyrics

Clean up, clean up

Everybody, let's clean up

Clean up, clean up

Put your things away

3. Clean Up Vacuum Cleaner [Jack Hartmann]

The Clean Up Vacuum Cleaner is a fun children's song targeted at teaching cleanliness and hygiene to kids. The lyrics playfully compare a responsible child to a vacuum cleaner as they arrange their personal items before moving on to the next activity.

Composed by musical artist Jack Hartmann, the single was uploaded to his self-titled YouTube channel on May 6. 2017. As of 2023, the video has over 2.2 million views and 3.1k likes.

Clean Up Vacuum Cleaner Lyrics

I'm a cleanup vacuum cleaner, zoom, zoom, zoom

I'm a cleanup vacuum cleaner, clean my room

I'm a cleanup vacuum cleaner, zoom, zoom, zoom

I'm a cleanup vacuum cleaner, clean my room

4. Clean Up Song [The Singing Walrus]

The Clean Up Song was uploaded on the YouTube channel The Singing Walrus on August 2, 2016. Composed as a call-and-response song, the single is a great tool for learning for preschoolers and children attending ESL classes.

The track repeatedly features the key phrases "time to tidy up" and "it's time to clean up." Further, kids are taught to "tidy up" after completing each of their chores; they also learn to pronounce everyday objects through this song. The Tidy Up Song video has over 36.8 million views at the time of writing.

Clean Up Song Lyrics

Every time it's time to go

There is one thing you should know

It's time to clean up

Time to tidy up

5. Tidy Up, Clean Up Song [The Kiboomers]

Tidy Up, Clean Up is a 2022 song by The Kiboomers. It aims to teach healthy habits and responsibilities to toddlers. The song is targeted towards preschoolers, kindergarteners, and infants.

The Tidy Up, Clean Up song tells kids to put away their toys after they are done playing. The toys should only be taken out during their next playing session. Uploaded to YouTube on March 31, 2022, the video has 365k views.

Tidy Up, Clean Up Song Lyrics

Clap, clap

Now it's time to clean up (clap, clap)

Now it's time to clean up

We had a lot of fun and now that we're done (clap, clap)

Now it's time to clean up

6. 2 Minute Kids Cleanup Countdown [NexusKc Kids]

The 2 Minute Kids Cleanup Countdown is a two-minute-long song on YouTube. The single has cleverly used the short-length video to adjust to the short attention span of young kids.

The countdown song can also be used to teach time limits to toddlers. Just start the countdown and ask the child to finish cleaning up before the time runs out. It's best to reward them with a snack or treat if they succeed in completing the task. The song was uploaded on the NexusKc Kids YouTube channel on December 23, 2020; it currently has 682k views.

2 Minute Kids Cleanup Countdown Lyrics

Clean up the room

Come on, clean up the room

Everybody's helping now

To clean up the room

7. Clean Up Song [Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes]

The Clean Up Song by CoComelon teaches young kids to organize their personal items after using them. The song focuses on the fact that young children tend to make a big mess of everything they do. While we can't prevent that from happening as it is an important part of growing up, the only responsible thing to do is to clean up after themselves.

The Clean Up Song asks young children to properly organize their items like toys, clothes, books, and more. The song's video features the major characters of the CoComelon franchise. Uploaded on April 3, 2018, the video has over 928 million views as of this date.

Clean Up Song Lyrics

Over here and over there

Up and down and everywhere

There's cars and trucks and boats and trains

And buses and a model plane

8. Clean Up Routine [GoNoodle]

The Clean Up Routine combines the fun experiences of singing and organizing. The one-minute-38-second-long video encourages kids to be the silliest, strongest, and best versions of themselves.

The 2019 song tries to portray the supposedly boring task of cleaning up as a fun and interesting activity. The song was uploaded on the GoNoodle YouTube channel on June 7, 2019; the music video currently has 2.5 million views on the video-sharing site.

Clean Up Routine Lyrics

Clean up, clean up

Clean up up up

It’s time to pick up all our stuff

Clean up, clean, clean, clean up

9. Clear Up Conga [Musical Dots]

Clear Up Conga, also known as Tidy Up Song, is an interactive nursery rhyme alternative for children. The song challenges kids to finish cleaning up by the time the video is over. Likewise, it also tasks older children to name all the musical instruments featured in the video.

The Clear Up Conga was released by Musical Dots on November 22, 2019. The two-minute & 47-second-long video has managed to generate over 293k views and 340 likes on YouTube.

Clear Up Conga Lyrics

Hey, let's get it done today

Time to tidy up, yup

Time to tidy up, yup

Time to tidy up, yup

Everybody hurry up

10. Clean Up is Fun [The Learning Station]

YouTube channel The Learning Station released the Clean Up is Fun song on May 1, 2014. The nine-year-old video has succeeded in garnering over 11 million views.

The song motivates young kids to sing along as they go about their duties of cleaning up. It encourages toddlers to take good care of their belongings (toys, books, clothes, etc.) and store them safely until the next playing session.

Clean Up is Fun Lyrics

Clean up is fun

When we clean and sing this along

So come on and clean together

And sing along

11. Tidy Up Song [Little Baby Bum]

The Tidy Up Song is a nursery rhyme for kids. Released via YouTube on May 7, 2016, the animated video features infants learning to clean after themselves. The song repeatedly plays the phrase "tidy up" to combat the short attention span of babies.

Created by the makers of CoComelon, the track is available on the Little Baby Bum YouTube channel. Little Baby Bum is a children's animated musical show focused on teaching good habits through relatable story-telling and cute characters.

Tidy Up Song Lyrics

Tidy, tidy, tidy up

And, tidy up some more

Tidy, tidy, tidy up

Take your toys up off the floor

12. Clean Up Song [Gracie's Corner]

The Clean Up Song by Gracie's Corner aims to teach children to clean up after they are done with an activity. The fun track is about enjoying the process of cleaning, be it at home or school.

The lyrics of the Clean Up Song are fairly simple and can be easily understood by preschoolers. Its YouTube video premiered on July 22, 2021, on Gracie's Corner YouTube channel; the video currently has 11.26 million.

Clean Up Song Lyrics

Hey, do you know what time is it?

It's time to clean up

It's time to clean up

It's time to clean up

And put our things away

13. Clean Up Song For Children [ELF Learning]

The Clean Up Song For Children is a hugely popular rhyme for kids. It was composed with the intention of encouraging youngsters to proudly clean up after a fun playtime. 

The song uses simple words that can be easily understood by preschoolers and toddlers. Parents and teachers have also used music to keep their children busy as they take care of their personal items. ELF Kids Videos YouTube channel shared the Clean Up Song on November 28, 2014. In over eight years, the single has successfully generated over 94.6 million views and 81k likes.

Clean Up Song For Children Lyrics

Time to clean up everyone

Let's pick up our things 

Everybody clean up, clean up

Time to clean up

14. Pick Up and Put It Away [Patty Shukla]

The Pick Up and Put It Away is a 2017 childhood development song by YouTuber Patty Shukla. The song, uploaded on Patty Shukla Kids TV YouTube channel on January 4, 2017, has already garnered over 196k views.

The track motivates kids to act responsibly and take care of their toys and other personal belongings once they are done using the items. Likewise, the video features three cartoon kids who carefully organize their toys after the playtime is over.

Pick Up and Put It Away Lyrics

Pick up and put it away

All together, pick up and put it away

All together, pick up and put it away

All together, pick up and put it away

15. Clean Up as a Team [Mister B]

Clean Up as a Team is a 2021 song by Dr. Anthony Broughton, also known as Mr. B. The four-minute-long video was released on MISTER B’s Children’s Music Learning Hive YouTube channel on April 14, 2021.

The catchy track, also called the Clean Up Rap Song, is sung in rap format by the artist. The unconventional approach has succeeded in engaging kids due to the use of the famous music genre. The song focuses on working smart, not hard, as it encourages youngsters to work as a team for better efficiency.

Clean Up as a Team Lyrics

Clean up, it's time to clean up

Work as a team, to get the job done

Clean up, it's time to clean up

Work as a team, to get the job done

16. The Clean-Up Medley [Miss Nina]

The Clean-Up Medley is a 2012 song by musical artist Miss Nina. The song was released through Miss Nina's official YouTube channel Miss Nina - Music & Movement for Preschool on November 13, 2012.

The popular children's rhyme is not an original song but a compilation of multiple clean-up songs combined to form a single track. The artist encourages her listeners to sing along to the music as they go on to tidy up their toys and other items. Through her lyrics, Miss Nina communicates the message that a particular task should not be considered complete until the kids tidy up their belongings.

The Clean-Up Medley Lyrics

I looked at my clock and what did it say

No more minutes to work and play

It's time to put our toys away

It's clean up time

17. Clean Up Song [Lingokids]

The Clean Up Song by Lingokids is a 2022 track with over 587k views on YouTube. The single mainly focuses on making the cleaning-up process a fun experience instead of a boring one. It further inspires kids to sing along and treat the activity as a game.

The Clean Up Song also gives useful tips on how to properly organize their belongings like arranging crayons in a rainbow format and safekeeping pens and pencils in a cup. The repetitive phrases "cleaning is easy" and "cleaning is fun" communicate the main theme of the song in simple words.

Clean Up Song Lyrics

Cleaning is easy

Cleaning is fun

If you make it a game

And sing along

18. Clean Up Transition Song [Mister Kipley]

The Clean Up Transition Song is a melody targeted at preschoolers and kindergarteners. The track encourages kids to clean up after themselves by making them feel like they are helping their seniors.

The action single aims to keep toddlers engaged while they go on performing their household chores. It is also a great tool for parents and teachers looking to teach responsibilities to youngsters.

Clean Up Transition Song Lyrics

Clean up the room

It's time to clean up the room

With the books on the shelves

We can do it ourselves

19. Clean Up {R&B Remix) [Desmond Dennis]

The Clean Up (R&B Remix) is a 2019 rhyme by YouTuber Desmond Dennis. Initially released on June 14, 2019, the song has over 4.2 million views on the video-sharing platform.

The musical composition utilizes the trendy R&B genre to engage kids in healthy habits. Further, it also features a catchy dance video where several individuals perform cool moves dressed in different animal costumes.

Clean Up {R&B Remix) Lyrics

Clean up, clean up

Everybody do yourselves

Clean up, clean up

Everybody, everywhere

20. It's Time To Clean Up! [Harry Kindergarten Music]

It's Time To Clean Up! is a catching song for kindergarteners. The popular track, released on April 2, 2014, has managed to gain over 1.4 million views on YouTube.

The song reminds kids to clean their stuff when they finish playing or using the items. It also teaches toddlers to stop procrastinating their chores and start cleaning up right after they are done playing with their toys. The single puts emphasis on tidying up now rather than later as postponing their responsibilities will only make the kids lazy.

It's Time To Clean Up Lyrics

It's time to clean up

It's time to clean up

All your stuff now

All you kids

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