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Claressa Shields Fiance & Husband-To-Be Tony Richardson? Bio And Net Worth

By Ankit Karki | 20 October 2022 08:32 AM

Claressa Shields is the first American to win two consecutive Olympic gold medals
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Claressa Shields' is engaged to her gym owner partner Tony Richardson. The couple has been dating for over two years now.

Claressa Shields is an American MMA fighter and boxer.

The young boxer has made an impactful name among boxing and MMA fans despite her young age.

Claressa turned to pro-boxing after two Junior Olympics victories. She participated in the National Police Athletic League in 2011 and won the middleweight champion title. The win also helped her qualify for the US Olympics Trails and get the title of the top overall fighter.

Further, she won in the middleweight class after defeating former champions like Tika Hemingway, Andrecia Wasson, and Franchon Crews-Dezun.

Claressa faced multiple problems in her childhood, including her father's prison sentence, her mother's alcoholism, bullying, and sexual assault. She started training in boxing as a means to fight back against her bullies.

Claressa Shields' Quick Facts

BirthdateMarch 27, 1995
ParentsClarence "Bo Bo Shields", Marcella Adams
SiblingsArtis Mack, Briana Shields, Dusable Lewis
PartnerTony Richardson
Net Worth$4 Million

Who Is Tony Richardson? Claressa Shields Fiance And Husband-To-Be

Tony Richardson is a licensed fitness trainer and gym owner.

Tony, whose full name is Anthony Richardson, owns the @Fitness Gym located at Coldwater Road in Mt. Morris, Minnesota.

The gym operates with the motto "health is wealth" and is famous for the trainer's personal focus on its members. 

Tony is a fitness enthusiast and is in the best shape of his life. When Claressa is not traveling, she loves working out with her fiance. 

The MMA fighter has shared multiple videos of the two training together on YouTube.

Tony is available on Instagram as @tonyrichfit where he mostly shares photos and videos related to fitness. Further, he has also uploaded a few photos featuring his love life with Claressa.

Tony Richardson, Claressa Shields' fiance, is a gym owner in Michigan
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Claressa and Tony first met at a gym and started dating soon in 2020.

The couple is engaged as of now. However, the duo has not revealed details of their engagement along with their plans for a wedding.

Tony Richardson Age: How Old Is Claressa Shields Fiance?

Tony Richardson is reportedly 36 years old as of 2022.

He was born in the USA, but his exact birthdate and location are not yet revealed.

The fitness trainer is nearly nine years older than his fiancee. Claressa is currently 27 years old. She was born on March 17, 1995, in Flint Michigan. 

Talking about her physical measurements, Claressa stands at five feet eight inches and weighs nearly 155 lbs.

How Much Is Tony Richardson Net Worth?

Tony Richardson is estimated to have a net worth ranging from $100 thousand to $200 thousand.

Tony makes his living from the earnings as a fitness trainer. Further, he also earns from the fees paid by the members of his @Fitness Gym.

Richardson is a talented and hard-working individual. His work ethic and devotion make him a highly valued trainer in the fitness industry.

On the other hand, his fiancee Claressa is worth millions. Her net worth is calculated at $4 million as of 2022. She primarily earns from the match fees she receives when competing in tournaments.

Further, as an influencer figure in boxing, she makes a decent amount of money from sponsors through brand endorsements.

Claressa Shields Father And Mother - Family Crisis

Claressa Shields is the daughter of Clarence "Bo Bo Shields" and Marcella Adams.

Claressa's father Clarence, who is also known as Bo Shields, is a former amateur boxer. He is famous for winning 27 street fights without a single defeat. He reportedly cracked a bricklayer in a parking garage, which won him $35 thousand.

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Claressa was only two years old when her father went to prison after getting convicted of breaking and entering charges.

He was in jail from 1996 to 2004 during which time he remained estranged from his daughter. While in prison, Bo made a name for himself as a fighter.

At the same time, Claressa's mother Marcella struggled with alcoholism and was often fired from jobs due to her reckless behavior. 

Claressa was forced to take care of her children because of her mother's frequent absence. She lived with her mother until the age of five, after which she was taken in by her grandmother Joanne Adams. She lived with Joanne until the age of 10 and again during her freshman & sophomore years. Shields moved out after the death of her grandmother.

Shields' father was released from prison when Claressa was nine years old. Although he didn't teach her boxing, Bo helped her pursue a career in fighting.

After serving his prison sentence, Bo Bo left street fighting, but his reputation stopped his daughter from bullying. He also became a vital part of Claressa's life as the father-daughter mended their estranged relationship.

As of 2022, Claressa's mother Marcella still lives in Flint, Michigan. Meanwhile, her father Bo Shields currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Apart from Clarence, Shields had another father figure in her life, her training coach Jason Crutchfield. Jason trained her for years before the two parted ways in 2014.

Reportedly, Jason had banned Shields from dating boxers. However, she went against him and started dating a boxer-trainer named Ardeal Holmes. Crutchfield broke off their partnership after he discovered her relationship.

How Many Siblings Does Claressa Shields Have?

Claressa has three siblings in her family. She grew up alongside two brothers named Artis Mack and Dusable Lewis and a sister named Briana Shields.

Claressa's elder brother Artis is 30 years old, whereas Briana is 25 and Dusable is 24. 

Artis, also a boxer, was convicted of a misdemeanor aggravated assault in 2020 and sentenced to one year in prison. His recent whereabouts remain unknown. 

Although Claressa's younger sister Briana didn't pursue boxing, she always supported her sister's career. She dropped out of high school after becoming a mother at a young age to raise her son named Fatdaddy.

Meanwhile, not much is known about Claressa's younger brother Dusable. But we know he closely follows his sister's matches as he is one of Shields' biggest supporters.

Claressa Shields Was Bullied And Sexually Assaulted As A Child

As a young child, Claressa was often bullied in her school.

Some of her classmates bullied her because of her short stature and curly hair. 

The bullies would take her belongings and throw them in the garbage bin. Likewise, she was also physically assaulted as the bullies would shove her face to the ground.

Claress Shields was raised by an alcoholic mother alongside three siblings
Source : instagram

But, after her father got out of jail, the bullying stopped due to Bo's infamous reputation.

Moreover, Claressa was also sexually assaulted by her mother Marcella's boyfriend on multiple occasions. 

Shields initially kept it to herself but later told the truth to her mother. However, Marcella refused to believe her and instead gave a doll to her.

After receiving no support from her mother, Claressa moved in with her grandma.

Her mother's boyfriend didn't face any legal charges or prison for his crimes. However, justice prevailed after one of Shields' family members beat up her abuser.