Book Boyfriend Trend and Meaning on TikTok

By Alisha Dotel | May 12, 2023 06:48 AM

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Book Boyfriend Trend is to challenge your bae into copying the romantic novel scene where he kisses you while leaning on the door frame. Women fantasize about such scenes.

TikTok has become one of the most renowned and popular forms of social media. Many influencers have emerged and have uplifted their careers on this platform by making short-form videos.

It is a great way to boost engagement when being able to share romantic moments with your partner on TikTok. And while the Book Boyfriend Trend trend is fairly new, it’s gaining steam quickly.

Thousands of people have made videos in these and there is a total of 2.8B views in the TikTok. There are many hashtags used for this trend and they are: 

  • #bookboyfrienddoorframe
  • #bookboyfriendmaterial
  • #bookfriend
  • #bookboyfriends
  • #bookboyfriendbook
  • #boyfriendbook and so on.

Many renowned celebrities and the public have tried on these trends and some of these videos are given in this article. Book Boyfriend's meaning is clear on TikTok and hope you will find it interesting to read this article.

Book Boyfriend Meaning

Book boyfriends are the heroes in romance books who has the characteristics and qualities that would make them ideal boyfriends in real life.

Though fictional, these men are ideal in many ways so we end up idealizing them simply because of the love and affection they show within the story.

The girls who love to read romantic books may surely have their book boyfriend whose character is perfect and are just like the partner they want in their life.

Girls who read a lot of romance novels often create Book Boyfriends, which are the protagonists of the books they are reading. As their books change so do these boyfriends.

Whenever reading relationships start for a long time period then they are better than any real-life boyfriend could be. Here are the reasons why girls are fond of book boyfriends:

  • Book boyfriends are perfect
  • If he irritates or annoys you then you can close the book
  • Book boyfriends bring the romance
  • Assured of Commitment
  • Never disagrees and argue with us
  • He does not put us on the shelf, we put him on the shelf.

A Collage of Book Boyfriend Book
A Collage of Book Boyfriend Book( Source : thefamilynation )

The list of some books/ novels where the main character i.e. book boyfriends does that scene are: 

  • Rhys from Exposed by Kristen Callihan
  • Declan from Carnal Urges by J.T. Geissinger
  • Tobias from The Finish Line by Kate Stewart
  • The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas
  • Alex from The People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry and many more.

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Book Boyfriend Challenge

TikTok provides various types of challenges according to the new trends. In the different niche content, the video app constantly gets attraction from viewers and users.

If you’ve been flipping through TikTok recently, you may have encountered the Book Boyfriend trend, in which users present romantic couple videos.

Here is the video by @austea.kette where she makes a video on the hashtags #bookboyfriend #flictionalmenwrittenbywomen #booktok #bookcommunity. In this video, she shows herself and her partner.

First of all, she calls him and asked him whether he can lean against the doorframe. She also shows how to do it by doing it herself and teaches him as well. Then her partner goes to wear a hoodie and she waits for him by dancing with her pet named Belle.

After that, her partner came wearing a white hoodie and does the same step that his partner had taught him. And, she pulled him towards her and kisses him on his lip and says thankyou. Though the video has completed the boy was still confused by what happened.

This video is quite famous in TikTok and has gained 1.2M likes, more than two thousand people have commented there and the video is also shared by 18.7K.

Another video on the same trend was made by @kenzi.reads. In the caption she had written that this only took three hours to film this video. At the same time, she also thanked @elite.reading for this great trend.

She has done this trend with her husband where at the beginning of the video he said that she can't make that face and said her to make a different face. Because her facial expression was making him difficult to do the trend.

Then, he holds her and can't kiss her for which she says that you should have kissed me. Then, he tried for the second time and he blows in her mouth and it again failed for the next time. The third time he finally kisses her properly and the video was completely done.

This video has gained more than two thousand likes and over fifty comments. It was also shared by 100. She has used many hashtags in the video as #booktok, #bookboyfriend, #fictionalmen, #bookishhumor, and many more.

@elitereading i’m calling it the triple threat: hair tuck, chin raise, and a kiss with a smile 🫠 #bookhusband #doorframelean #doorframechallenge #fypシ #bookbf ♬ heartless kanye west the weeknd - erik

This one was made by @elitereading TikTok with her partner where she is wearing a white t-shirt and he is on a black t-shirt and cap. At first of the video she asked him to do the bf triple threat for her. Then her husband kisses her with a big smile. 

This video is popular on social media with 138.8K likes and more than five hundred comments. The shot was shared by more than twenty-five hundred users. Here, she has used the song named Heatless Kanye West the Weeknd.

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