15 Blind In Love Examples To Help You Navigate The Path Of Love With Open Eyes

By Preeta Rajkarnikar | 6 September 2023 04:24 AM

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Blind in love examples include idolizing your partner, making their happiness your first priority, giving excuses for their flawed character and more.

Are you tired of falling head over heels only to end up with a broken heart? In the journey of love, it's easy to be blinded by infatuation and lose sight of what truly matters. But you can way to navigate the path of love with open eyes.

Welcome to a guide that will take you from blind love to clarity in your relationships. At the family nation, we understand the importance of finding healthy and fulfilling partnerships.

Whether you're single, in a new relationship, or navigating a long-term commitment, our goal is to help you see things in a new light.

From deciphering red flags to understanding your own needs and desires, we'll provide practical advice to help you make more mindful decisions. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and discover how to navigate the complicated world of love with open eyes.

In this article, we will explain the 15 red flags that mean you are blinded in love and how to avoid them.

1. You Idolize Your Lover

When you are blind in love, you start to believe your partner is "Perfect." You feel a hollow in your heart when he/she is not in your life. 

For you, your partner is the flawless person in the world you are mesmerized by the way they talk, walk, and smile.

You feel like no one can be better than them not even you can be on the same level as them. 

If you are starting to think that way then that's the first sign of idolizing your partner. As we say eating an excessive amount of sugar will taste bitter likewise idolizing your partner to an extent can also cause harm in your relationship and especially for you.

Ask yourself a question have you ever made big decisions or even small ones that involve your partner? If not then this is a sign that you idolize them and believe that they know everything and can make better decisions than you. 

This may lead to depending on your other half for validation and belief that their every decision and opinion adds value to your life. 

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2. You Make Excuses For Their Flaws And Behaviors

Have you ever made an excuse to your friends or family to cover up for your partner's behavior? If yes, then you are blinded by love. 

You don't believe that your partner can do anything wrong or you don't see any problems regarding their behavior. Making excuses is one of the big red flags in a relationship. 

Recall the times when your friend told you something about your partner but you replied by saying hey my beau might be a smoker but he said he's going to quit. It doesn't always have to be big excuses.

You try to hide their flaws so that they can appear perfect in front of your family and friends. You want your close people to also believe that he/she is perfect life partners for you despite their toxic behavior.

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3. Big Decisions Are Made Early On

When you are at the beginning of a new relationship everything feels great. But taking life-changing decisions can bring dark clouds in your bond.

When you begin to date, you want to do everything in your power to feel connected with your partner and be with them all the time. 

This leads you to take big decisions such as moving with them within weeks or months of dating and constantly talking about the future.

It is not wrong to talk about the future of your relationship you have to at a point but when you start to plan the wedding or the number of kids you want when you barely know your partner for a week or months then it is a sign of being blinded by love. 

Before taking a big leap in the partnership you need be learn about your significant other's behavior, and personality, and be fully committed to each other.

Every relationship is not the same, there have been connections that have thrived by taking big decisions early but that only happens in two or three relationships out of ten.

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4. Your Friends And Family Tell You That You're Blinded By Love

You might be oblivious that you are blinded by love but your friends and family aren't.

They are there to remind you and show you the bad side of your relationship. But when they tell you about the problem you begin to take their advice in a negative way.

Ask yourself a question have you ever fought with your friends and family or have been distant from them because you thought they were trying to break your relationship? If yes, then it is a sign of blind love. 

Your friends and family only want better for you and they will always be concerned for your safety and happiness. 

We have heard cases where people break family ties because they were could not see what their friends and family saw. 

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5. Previous Red Flags Are Dismissed Quickly

Have you ever turned a blind eye and dismissed your loved ones' past red flags in a relationship? If yes, then your blind love has clouded the judgments regarding your partner. 

One phrase that is mostly used in a relationship when we find out about our loved ones' past red flags is "I have changed".

When you found out that your partner had cheated on his/her past relationship and question them about their action there is a 99.9% chance they will reply stating they have changed. 

If you believed them and dismissed stating that it is the past and moved on with the information then the decision has been clouded by your blind love for them. There are chances that he/she hasn't changed and those red flags might come back in your present relationship. 

Your other half might have several toxic behaviors such as aggressive, manipulative, abusive, and narcissistic.

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6. When Their Happiness Is Your Top Priority

Your partner's happiness becomes our top priority and in order to achieve that we sacrifice our own needs and happiness most of the time. 

You feel like you need to do everything in your power to fulfill their needs. You always put your significant other first than yourself. This also may make you feel like a puppet whose string is always moving to ensure that your lover is happy.

Have you ever thought about your happiness and need? It is also your partner's duty to fulfill your needs and bring happiness to your life. 

When you suppress your emotions for a long time the after-effects can include anxiety, depression, and stress-related illness. You should also put your need first before fulfilling your partner's happiness.

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7. You Have Lost Touch With The Real You

Have you realized that you have become a different person and stopped pursuing your interests? If yes, your new relationship has become your top priority and you barely have time for your old self.

Your old hobbies or passion doesn't excite you as much as being with your significant other does. It is not a bad thing to be happy when you are with your loved ones but when your happiness is attached to just being with then that becomes a problem.

A question for the readers is it worth losing yourself and putting away your needs and happiness just to be with someone who might not be the one for you. If not, then set some boundaries with your significant other.

Being in a real relationship doesn't mean losing your true self it is rather embracing the real version of each other. 

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8. You Have Lost Individuality

You are blinded by love if you constantly nod your head to every decision that your partner makes. 

While doing so you have lost your individuality and you tend to see the world from the eyes of your partner. You won't realize but for small things, you take approval from your significant other. 

Losing your individuality can take a toll on your life in the long run as you might not have the ability to take a simple decision for yourself and find it hard to get out of the situation without any help.  

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9. There Is No Emotional Intimacy

You become so blinded by love that you fail to realize that there is no real chemistry with your loved ones. 

You think that being with them is only important and both of you function well together but deep down in your heart, you feel like something is missing in your relationship. 

When there is no emotional intimacy in a romantic relationship then you tend to feel like your partner doesn't get you or doesn't talk much about the real stuff that needs to be discussed in a relationship.

For a healthy relationship deep understanding between lovers is required. Without emotional intimacy, there will always be a void between the couples despite them being together.

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10. Their Attraction Is Still About Your Looks

We have seen several times that people involved in relationships are together because of their looks rather than connections. 

Take a step back and recall the times when your partner cared more about your looks than your inner beauty. These are the signs that your significant other is more into your looks than your personality.

When you only develop a physical relationship and their no sign of emotional intimacy then it is a big red flag. You might be ignoring these red flags as you are not willing to see that your relationship has flaws.

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11. You Are The Only One That Compromise In The Relationship

A healthy relationship is like two tires in a motorbike if both of them work properly then the ride toward the destination becomes smooth.

Likewise, in a relationship, if both of you make equal efforts and compromise as per each other's needs then you hit a less bumpy road throughout your time together. But when only one person is giving too much in a relationship then it is a sign of toxicity. 

So, what are you in your relationship giver or a taker? If you picked the first option then you are blinded by love.

You feel the urge to give your full efforts to keep them happy and satisfied. You adjust your plans, and schedules according to their need but when you ask them the same in return they begin to argue.

When you're only the giver then the relationship becomes one-sided which only hurts you the most rather than your significant other.

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12. When You Have Lost Your Self-Respect

Being blind in love leads you to follow everything your partner says and you don't even realize that you're slowly losing your worth.

When you lose your self-respect you stay silent even when your significant other disrespects or treats you in the wrong way in front of your friends and family.

Losing your self-respect means losing your confidence and doubting your abilities.

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13. You Ignore The Emotional Abuse

There is no relationship that isn't filled with conflicts and quarrels. However, the conflict must end on a peaceful note.

But when the quarrels go in a negative direction the couple becomes more emotionally abusive.

The classic example of blind love is if you don't acknowledge the pain that their verbal and emotional abuse has caused. 

You also won't have the courage to break up with the person as you are scared that you will lose them forever. 

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14. You Only Focus On Their Strengths

Appreciating your partner's strengths and weaknesses is an important factor in a healthy relationship. If you only paint the perfect picture of them then it is an example of blind love. 

You only see the angel side of them and ignore their devil side. You don't want to believe that they even have a bad side. As you believe that your significant other is perfect you set unrealistic standards for them.

The thought of them being perfect might create an inferiority complex in you and begin to create your own weaknesses. You may also feel like your lover deserves someone better than you.

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15. You Can't Stay Apart From Your Partner

When you just started a relationship you can't get enough of your lover. You feel the need to be constantly around them or be connected with them through voice calls or texts. 

But when you are not aware of your surrounding and your partner is the only one that is constantly in your mind you are blind to love. When this situation arises you don't think of giving your partner or yourself any personal space. 

You hate being alone and need the presence of your lover. This example can create harmful consequences your partner might feel that you are being clingy. 

You may also stop being productive with work or your hobbies and want to spend less time with your friend and family.

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