Manifest Actor Ali Lopez-Sohaili Age and Bio

By | 15 November 2022 12:05 PM

Ali Lopez-Sohaili from his TV series Instinct
Source : imdb

Ali Lopez-Sohaili is an actor who plays the role of Eagan Tehrani in Season 3 of Manifest. He was first introduced in the "Wingman" episode as a traveler on the 828 flight. He was a man of talent in his role, having a photographic memory, who could remember every detail of mystifying calls he made.

Ali's role as Eagan in Manifest is an exciting character. The NBC series Manifest has many competing characters, and their equation is thrilling at the same time.

The Manifest actor Ali Lopez-Sohaili celebrated his birthday on 5th October. After celebrating his birthday week in LA, the actor posted a picture on his Instagram on 13th October 2021. 

Fans want to know more about the real Egan Tehrani from the Manifest and the Law and Order. We have a few answers. 

Ali Lopez-Sohaili Age and Height

Ali Lopez-Sohaili's age should be around 35 years old, although, he has not revealed his birth year. He was born on the 5th of October. He recently celebrated his birthday last month but the exact age is kept a secret.

Sohaili is known for his performances in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit before appearing in Manifest. According to IMDb, the actor has contributed to 15 projects and began his acting career in a short movie, Colorblind in 2010.

Apart from pursuing acting on screen, Ali has hands-on writing and directing short movies. So far, he has written two short movies, Run It Back and Odd Man Out. His directing project includes Run It Back

Ali with his co-actors from Manifest Josh Dallas and Daryl
Source : instagram

Ali hesitantly posts pictures of him on Instagram. He has over 7.5K followers on his personal Instagram page under the username @alijaysohay. His picture with actors Josh Dallas and Daryl Edwards made fans curious about his height. Without a doubt, Ali looks slightly shorter than both actors. 

Josh Dallas Wikipedia suggests that he is 6 feet tall. Therefore, comparing these two actors, Ali Lopez's height is around 5 feet 8 inches.

10 Facts On Ali Lopez-Sohaili

  1. Ali Lopez-Sohaili was born on 5 October. He appears to be in his mid-30s. We can only presume his age to be around 35 years old based on his appearance as he has not confirmed his birth year.
  2. Ali's name suggests that he comes from Latin or Hispanic descent. He holds American nationality.
  3. He started his acting career with short movies on two small projects: Run It Back and Odd Man Out. His first on-screen debut was in Colorblind (2010) as Keith.
  4. Besides playing interesting roles in series and movies, Ali is involved in writing and producing the movies. 
  5. Ali was born to his parents Farzin Sohaili and Cynthia Sohaili. He is close to his parents and often posts pictures of them on important occasions.
    Ali wishing his mother Cynthia Lopez on her birthday
    Source : instagram
  6. Ali is best known for his role as Eagan Tehrani in NBC series Season 3 Manifest. He is equally praised for his role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999)
  7. He is active on Instagram with the username @alijaysohay. He has garnered over 7.5K genuine followers.
  8. Ali Lopez-Sohaili's net worth is estimated at $1 million.
  9. He is playing Natasha Warner.
  10. Ali Lopez-Sohaili is known by his short name Ali Sohaili. 

Has Ali Lopez-Sohaili Adopted Four Kids?

According to an Instagram update from 2017, Ali Lopez-Sohaili is a father of four adopted kids. He captioned in a post that it is the tale of a million babies.

He also mentioned the names of the babies, Pearl, Adrian, Francisco, and Elizabeth, and added," I love them all," at the end. One of the comments suggested the babies might be adopted it reads, "You're like the male Angelina Jolie. #adopt and get #props"

Ali Lopez-Sohaili playing with a baby
Source : instagram

However, an Instagram post might not confine the fact that is the father of all four children. In contrast, he has not contested the comment proving it wrong. There is no denial of his love for children.